More about work

I have spent most of today not doing much of anything. Slept weirdly last night, I kept waking up in a panic needing to check the time, then realizing that there was no reason for me to be checking the time. Eventually woke up at 11am to Sera scratching at my door. I got up and chased her away, then figured I could nap on the couch with her for a while, which I did.

I’m working again tonight at 7:00pm. Must drop off overdue library books at the library on the way to work. Unfortunately, the library one block away is now closed for renovations for the next year, so the closest library is the one up the Hill on Main. Damn that hill. We shall see if I can make it up the hill again tonight on the way to work without too much trouble.

I should clean this place up before I go to work. What a horrific mess it is.