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Your name: jennylee
Your haiku: to stay as still as
possible cyn tells me i
was trying to decide
Created by Grahame

I love my Rooibus red chai tea so very very much.

Work today was pretty good. I got all the tracking I needed to get done at work(3) and left early enough to meet Adam downtown before work(1) to grab some food. Then at work(1) I had a door shift, which is always nicer than working in-house. My voice started to go towards the end of pre-show, but I managed to get through it without totally losing it, which was good. And working bar wasn’t too busy. I did say something stupid which I now regret, but such things happen all the time, and I should probably get over it since it’ll be forgotten pretty quickly. I hope.

I wish I knew how to make Unreal maps. I want to make one of Temagami.

Actually, scratch that. I just want to be in Temagami. Waters that heal whatever’s wrong with me… oh how I miss them sometimes.

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  • ex_oki86

    May 26, 2004 at 6:50 am

    I do too!
    Miss Temagami that is…

    Though… I recently gotten mosquito bites… and that part I didn’t really miss about Temagami. 😐