First smog alert of the year!

It’s definitely not something to celebrate. I still have that cold resting in my lungs, and the smog isn’t exactly helping… I can only imagine how people with asthma and other respiratory problems must feel on days like this, and this is only the first one. It’s just going to get more frequent and more severe from here on in.

I’ve swiped this from this article on Pulse 24.

Smog Fighting Suggestions

  • Stay Out Of Your Car: Public transit, cycling or walking are the best ways to keep the pollutants from your tailpipe from contributing to the haze. If you have to drive, limit your trips by taking care of all your errands at once. Another suggestion: carpool during smog days. Besides the obvious benefits to the environment, it will help cut down on the gas you use.
  • Use Less Power: generating electricity helps generate pollution. Keep your air conditioning down. The less demand for juice, the less the smog.
  • Delay Use Of Gas Powered Appliances: wait to mow the grass if your lawn mower uses gasoline. Keep away from leaf blowers and chain saws until conditions improve.
  • Avoid Strenuous Outdoor Exercise: Exertion in these conditions can cause lung, nose, eye, and throat irritations.
  • Don’t Smoke: And not just cigarettes. That includes using your gas barbeque until the sky clears up.

    I’m not sure yet if I’m going to bike to work or take transit. Biking might be harsh today, especially with the lung-cough I’ve got going on. I’m starting to seriously consider buying one of those air-filter masks from MEC for the summer. I am willing to look paranoid if it means I can breathe. I just have to find out how well the things work before I invest in one. There’s one for about 20$ and one for about 60$… I’ll have to find someone who’s used them and can tell me about them or something. I’ll look like such a paranoid freak. Heh.