My first morning in a while that I can just hang around the house and relax a bit before heading out. I have to pick up my bike today, I took it in for a tune-up on Monday so I’ve been bike-less all week. It will be nice to have it back again.

There are things I should really be doing right now like cleaning the apartment and laundry and grocery shopping or something, but I don’t feel like doing any of it. I think I really need this to be a bit of downtime. I will go pick up stuff at the drugstore, and maybe a small amount of groceries, and of course my bike, but I’m not going to clean the apartment like I kind of wanted to. Maybe after work tonight. Or maybe it’ll keep until Monday.

The tattoo is less itchy today. I don’t even really notice it much anymore. I’ll need to get a close-up picture of it sometime soon, if only so I get to see it myself from time to time.