Double Wednesdays are the BEST!

This morning on the streetcar on the way in to work a woman in front of me borrowed a pen. She was receiving a call on her cellphone from a collection agency, I think. I felt bad for her. Anyhow, she really liked my pen and complimented me on it. Strange things make me smile.

My first shift at the theatre today was relatively uneventful, other than the fact that today was Mamma Mia’s 4th year anniversary. Hooray for ABBA. They didn’t exactly brief us on the fact that there was an event that day. They don’t like to let the ushers know what’s going on… it might make us efficient or something. God forbid!

At intermission a woman was wandering around looking lost, so I went up to ask her if she had her ticket and knew where she was going. The theatre was sold out, and she tried to sit in some other woman’s seat, and then explained to me that she was looking for her daughter-in-law who had her ticket. I brought her back out of the auditorium and told her that we could find her daughter-in-law by looking up in the computer under her last name at the box office. She wouldn’t give me the last name, and tried to go upstairs (she was in the orchestra originally) but both the manager and I were telling her to go to the box office. She finally mumbled something about how she was going to wait outside, then walked out the door and disappeared. Nice try on the sneaking in to the theatre at intermission, though.

Between shifts I walked over to the Canon and went for dinner with Adam at Salad King (land of inexpensive fantastic thai food and only three salads on the menu.) I had spicy beef, and it was spicy and beefy. All was good with the world.

The second shift I was in Upper Balcony and there were multiple school trips. I’m not a fan of school trips. The teachers let the students sit wherever they like, assuming that they have the entire row for their trip, and then naturally people show up late and we have to move entire rows of kids or teenagers from one place to another during the show. It ended up that the kids had to be moved during the show to a row that we hoped was one they were supposed to be in so that the people who paid for the seats they were in got to sit down.

Next we had to tell the same people over and over again that no, they cannot take ANY pictures in the auditorium. No, they still can’t take any pictures. No, really, no pictures or we’re taking your camera away and wiping the memory card.

After that a woman in the back row decided she was freezing cold and told me to turn off the air conditioning. I had someone radio to management (who I knew wasn’t about to turn it off.) She wanted to stand at the back (fire hazard, no can do.) I moved her into two empty seats down near the kids that had been relocated and hoped beyond hope that the people for those seats, if they weren’t already there and just sitting in the wrong seats, weren’t about to show up.

At the end of the show one of the school groups decided to just sit around in the theatre for a while – I had to go up to the teacher and tell her that we have to clear out the theatre for the cleaners to come and because security needs to clear the building. She argued the point with me, and I just walked away. I’d had enough by that point. They finally left. Hate school groups. But I got to go home, and all was good with the world.

I’m finally back in touch with someone from high school that I’ve been wondering about for a long time now, which is pretty cool.

And yes, I remembered to put the CD-ROM drive in my bag to bring to work tomorrow. Go me.

I am quite hungry. Must locate a snack.


  • highlearn

    May 26, 2004 at 10:53 pm

    sneak in
    to see

    In the words of my art teacher
    “What the screw is wrong with you!?”

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 27, 2004 at 6:26 am

      You have to admit it’s better than paying 94$ to see ABBA…

      • mishamish

        May 27, 2004 at 3:16 pm

        Second the hating school groups bit… GRRR… I used to work at a science museum and that’s almost ENTIRELY school groups. My favorite thing to say when I school group was there WAY past close was:

        “Attention, all Sci-Trek visitors. The time is now 5:30 and the museum has been closed for half an hour. Please make your way to the exits at the front of the museum, or to the storage rooms at the back of the museums where you will find a cot and minimal sleeping accomodations. However, do hurry, as we will soon be releasing the dogs.”