Books and loneliness

Well, working coat check was both completely dead (nine coats is NOT a lot to deal with) and no one bothered to give me any tips. I did, however, read about 1/4 of my book. Nearly finished it now, will have to find something else to read – I’m thinking about borrowing Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister from Lindsay at work. She was going to bring it today for me, but I think we both forgot – I only just remembered now.

Am wanting to spend time with friends tonight. Too tired to leave the beaches though, so I doubt that’ll happen unless them come down to see me. This week has been hella-busy with working extra shifts and crud, and it’s too wet to bike anywhere, and since no one tipped me today I have no cash for transit to go anywhere anyhow. Blah. Wish I had Dynasty Warriors to pass the time.