Biking home in the rain, and the Maple Leafs (shouldn’t it be leaves?) go golfing.

Biking home in the rain tonight was fun. Wet streetcar tracks act a lot like wet rocks in that they get really slippery if you hit them the wrong way. Also, playing a zig-zagging game through dundas square’s fountains is a boatload of fun. As we neared home tonight, I glanced at the Tim Horton’s on the way by. There, inside, were Leafs fans, crying into their coffees.

I feel bad for the Leafs fans, but I am relieved the chaos is over – biking home through every night the Leafs won was incredibly dangerous and volatile. On more than one occasion cars were a danger to me because they weren’t paying attention to anything but how loud they could honk their horns, and at least once a pedestrian jumped onto the road in front of me and waved a flag in my face. I have a feeling if they actually won the cup, a streetcar would topple and people would be hurt badly.

I desperately need a picture of me on my bike so I can make an icon of it.