Work stories of unruliness

Work the past two nights has been interesting.

Last night I went to the theatre and a hockey game broke out. No, really, it’s not just a bad joke. Some women got into some sort of fistfight during the finale of Mamma Mia. I wasn’t on the affected floor, so I didn’t see it and don’t know much of anything about it beyond what the ushers who were there told me, but still. The only excitement on my floor was this one woman so overcome with emotion that she was crying and couldn’t leave the theatre for a few minutes after everyone else had gone.

Tonight as I was about to go on my break, a couple left the theatre with one of the other ushers. The husband was complaining he wasn’t feeling well, so he sat down on the steps. The first-aid usher was with him, fortunately, because within about 30 seconds the guy had passed out. I ran for the first aid kit and the defib and just generally stuck around to assist in whatever way I could. He recovered all right, the ambulance came and they decided to take him to the hospital to get checked out. When this sort of thing happens, the management is nice enough to send the people replacement tickets for the show, which is nice of them.

Also tonight I had to escort an unruly (read: ragefull) patron down to the manager’s office. He was quite angry at the fact that the management hadn’t turned off the air conditioning, even though he and many others had asked it to be done 20 minutes earlier. I took him in to the manager, he reamed the manager out (for which I felt bad, because the regular manager wasn’t in, and the secondary manager was forced to deal with this guy. I then took him back upstairs to his seat to watch the rest of the show. And yes, they did turn off the air conditioning, and within a few minutes the theatre was stuffy and unbreathable. Hooray for 97 year old buildings!!

That’s all the work excitement of the past couple of days. Nothing really happened during the matinee show today, which is a nice change because usually the Wednesday matinee show has the worst casualties. Something about busloads of Elderly people going to see a very loud show in a theatre with poor air circulation seems to bring out everyone’s health problems.


  • jenny

    April 22, 2004 at 7:34 am

    That last sentance really cracked me up 😀

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      April 22, 2004 at 8:48 am

      Hehehehe… we have to make light of it just to remain sane. 😉 The ambulance people know their way to our theatre pretty well now, though…