Work some more, and cookies!

Work last night was nice and uneventful. My head was killing me still, although thankfully it’s perfectly fine today. I worked in coat check, and even though the show was basically almost sold out I only got 9 coats. Would be upset by this except that I didn’t actually feel like dealing with people yesterday, and with nine coats I really didn’t have to deal with people. So it’s all good.

Today I need to tidy up. Adam’s napping, he tried to get up but went back to bed – he went home early from work last night with a fever. No fever today, thankfully, but he’s still really tired. The Llama will be here sometime this afternoon, for which we will be verily prepared. Dayle is knocking things purposefully off Adam’s desk right now. I want to make cookies, which means I must go buy eggs because we’re out of eggs (but I have everything else to make cookies, woohoo!)

mmmmm cookies.