Tuesdays annoy me

Not in a great mood this morning, for some reason. Adam’s at work (MEC) and I’m meeting him for dinner before going to the theatre to work tonight. Except I really, desperately don’t want to go to work tonight. Tried to apply for a really neat part-time job, but it’s already been filled. Would apply at MEC, but Adam’s a little uncomfortable with the idea of us working at the same place. They’re probably not hiring anymore now anyways, so it wouldn’t really matter. Just had to turn down doing photos for a complete stranger’s wedding, mostly because they’re a complete stranger and I’ve never done a wedding before, but also because the wedding is the same week as the canoe trip is likely going to be. At the very least, we will be up North that week. I’m still doing my sister’s wedding, but that’s not until September, and it’s my sister so I don’t have to worry if things aren’t perfect.

I’m thinking I have to leave out more crap on my resume to get the jobs I’m applying for or something. I’m not even getting calls on things that I know I’m qualified for, let alone jobs I’m overqualified for. Maybe it’s time to walk around the beach again. Not that anything came of it last time, but hey, the worst it could do is make me more depressed.

Am exceptionally hungry. Must find something to eat that isn’t White Chocolate Easter Bunny.