Sleeping isn’t overrated

Yay sleep! Awake now, because the people in the apartment upstairs decided that they were going to stomp around their bedroom (over our bedroom) around 11am. We usually get up somewhere around there, but that’s not the happiest way to wake up I tell you. Why do people stomp in their bedroom??

We haven’t had any teabags in the house for a week now. This is a travesty.

I am quite stiff from biking, which means it’s time to do some more biking! This not having a metropass thing is going to be very good for my calves, I think.

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  • mishamish

    April 8, 2004 at 2:17 pm

    “I’m just a sweet… trav… ESTY… from trans…somethingorother… Pennsylvaniaaaaa.uh-huh!”

    Sorry… couldn’t help myself. And I don’t understand about the stomping in the bedroom, either. In my first apartment after college, the (now) ex and I had upstairs neighbors either had a weight set in the bedroom, or were so afraid of the monster-under-the-bed that they JUMPED to the bed, instead of walking to it. And I mean jumped to the bed… FROM THE KITCHEN, or something.