My sweet sweet camera

My camera has dropped in price to a mere $2000 canadian. Must own 10D…. now if only I had $2300… (taxes are a bith.) I don’t need a lens, I have two that will fit it…. just the body would be plenty.

Adam’s sleeping on the couch – he’s still not over this flu thing he’s got. As such, we’re not going to see his grandmother this afternoon – but then, neither is Jordy and it’s his birthday we were going out there to celebrate. Jordy’s also sick. I’m hoping I don’t catch it, I’ve got extra shifts this week and I’d rather not be unwell for them.

I have 15% more free Easy Cheese. Life is good. Dayle says MroOOOOWW.

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  • artyste

    April 26, 2004 at 1:29 pm

    Lenses are the reason I’m leaning more toward the Pentax *ist D.. Since I have 3 lenses that would work on it.