Happy Birthday to my brother!

I am now half-way to being first aid trained. Go me. Tomorrow is the rest of the course, and then I’ll be able to say ‘I’m trained in first aid, I can help you’ and actually be telling the truth!

The wind on the way in to work today was NASTY. It was so strong at one point I nearly got knocked sideways off my bike into a pedestrian. Fortunately I caught myself before I fell, but it was really quite a wind. At least it was at my back on the way home, so I felt like I was booting it the whole way home.

Today is my little brother Chris’ birthday. He’s 24 today. Here are two pictures of him, one from long ago and one from when he was in high school.

Isn’t he a handsome lad? And so very very tall…

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  • xoobee

    April 30, 2004 at 5:46 pm

    OK spooky, hah.:) The second one looks like Doogie Howser…