A singing duck puppet! I love it!!!

Adam’s dad brought me a singing duck puppet for easter. I love it. It is fantastic and makes me very happy. I will have to take a picture of it and upload the pic.

We decided to take the bike trails home tonight instead of Queen Street like we usually do. The trails are fantastic… No streetcars, not as many stupid people walking right in front of my bike, no car doors opening in my path, no streetcar sand blowing in my eyes and blinding me (they use this sand to give the wheels grip on the tracks, and it blows EVERYWHERE when they put it down.) PLUS, the best part was that down by Cherry Beach park there are a whole bunch of cross-country offroad trails, and me and the Wee Giant took off down them. Adam had his road bike with skinny tires, so he couldn’t follow me – he stayed on the paved trail. Anyhow, I took the dirt trails, and they were super-fun. I even found a dirt jump and tried that (which I’ve never actually done before) and it was also great fun. Absolutely fantastic. Takes a little bit longer to get home that way, but on days when we’re home during daylight hours it seems like a great way to go. Then again, the only days we’re biking home in daylight are Sunday and… uhm… Sunday.

Once again I would like to say… I love my singing duck. He needs a name. He kinda reminds me of Pac-Man in a way… Must take a photo.