Happy Birthday to my brother!

I am now half-way to being first aid trained. Go me. Tomorrow is the rest of the course, and then I’ll be able to say ‘I’m trained in first aid, I can help you’ and actually be telling the truth!

The wind on the way in to work today was NASTY. It was so strong at one point I nearly got knocked sideways off my bike into a pedestrian. Fortunately I caught myself before I fell, but it was really quite a wind. At least it was at my back on the way home, so I felt like I was booting it the whole way home.

Today is my little brother Chris’ birthday. He’s 24 today. Here are two pictures of him, one from long ago and one from when he was in high school.

Isn’t he a handsome lad? And so very very tall…

Meme. Deal.

Go into your LJ’s archives.
Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
Post the text of the sentence in your LJ along with these instructions.
Mine is:

All I really want to do is just shut down for a while, I’m so tired.


I’ve definitely caught something. I feel craptastic! Woohoo!

Now it’s time for more ABBA.

Kill Bill foils us

We were going to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 tonight, as we haven’t seen it yet, so went to rent it. Adam picked it up and we started to watch it, but we decided that it’s too late to start watching a movie we want to turn up loud, since Ian has gone to sleep and has to get up early in the morning. So the movie watching will be put off until tomorrow during the day. Huzzah.

We went shopping this afternoon – actually we were just going out to get a bike pump, which we picked up at MEC. However, we decided to walk to the mall since I have a desperate shortage of clothing, and we picked up bras and shirts and a pair of jeans for me. I just have to say that this is the first time in my life that I can remember having a bra that both fits me right and is lacking the obnoxious seam on the inside of the cup that causes me so much irritation that I actually stopped wearing bras for four years because of it. Now I am once again someone who wears bras. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world, a bra that doesn’t itch and drive me mental. I am thrilled. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut, maybe I’ll do some research on cuts that might look good on me or something. I wonder if there are websites for that?


I think I want to try daruba‘s word meaning game… to quote him: i love the fact that if you sit and say a word over and over it loses all meaning

Not that he called it a game or anything, he just wrote garage many times.




My sweet sweet camera

My camera has dropped in price to a mere $2000 canadian. Must own 10D…. now if only I had $2300… (taxes are a bith.) I don’t need a lens, I have two that will fit it…. just the body would be plenty.

Adam’s sleeping on the couch – he’s still not over this flu thing he’s got. As such, we’re not going to see his grandmother this afternoon – but then, neither is Jordy and it’s his birthday we were going out there to celebrate. Jordy’s also sick. I’m hoping I don’t catch it, I’ve got extra shifts this week and I’d rather not be unwell for them.

I have 15% more free Easy Cheese. Life is good. Dayle says MroOOOOWW.

Phone panic

I’m sorry, but ‘important phone messages’ that I get put on hold to wait for make me panic and hang up, and not answer the phone for a week. Too many years of dealing with obnoxious and rude collection agencies, I think. I’m still panicky and it was over an hour ago. Can’t seem to calm down, and I don’t think Adam really gets why I’m upset (or at this point even knows that I still am upset.) How do you explain something like that and not sound like an idiot? Blah.