We went to the bike show today before heading to work. It was a lot of fun, if you’re into bikes (which it seems we are, since we had fun.) I think we spent over 4 1/2 hours there, mostly just walking around looking at various bike shop booths. I got a new helmet, it’s super-sweet. I really needed a new one, now I won’t crack my skull when I fall. We put a deposit on a bike that this one shop has to bring in tomorrow for Adam… we’re picking it up tomorrow. Now Adam will have a nice bike. I’ll post pictures when I’ve got them. I took a whole whack of pictures at the show itself. No idea how they’ll turn out, I will have to wait and see. There was a 20 minute or so trials demonstration with the Norco Factory Trials team… that was really neat. Some of the stuff these guys can do is unreal. Everything else was row upon row of bike-shop windowshopping. It was great.

Then I went to work, and came home, and Adam made a stir-fry, and we went for a walk on the beach, and came home again. Soon we will consider sleeping.

And that was my day.

Tomorrow, much of the same to follow, but lacking the work part, and possibly including a bike ride of some sort, weather dependant.