And the winner is…

Remember that Poll I made earlier this week? I guess it’s pretty much done now, and I’ve tallied all the votes (official, and those given to me over msn and such.) Here’s the results if anyone’s interested…

Boardwalk comes in first with a whopping 13 votes!
Second was the Kap-Kig-Iwan Waterfall in Winter photo, with a total of 5 votes.
Third was the Devil’s Rock Cliff, taking 4 votes.
Tied for fourth place are Lonely Sunset and Winter sun through trees, with 3 votes each.
Fifth place is another tie, two votes each going to Dupont Subway Station and Pete’s Dam.
Trailing in sixth place is the Mars Starscape photo, with one vote.
Finally, poor sad little Snowy Field is left in the dust, having received no votes at all.

Thanks to everyone who voted, it was a great help to me, especially considering how clear a leader there was. I appreciate all the help greatly. I’ll let you all know when my new site is up!