Who poisons dogs in a park? So wrong.

All this new sickness has brought back the cough that I rather was hoping had gone for good. Blah. I’m back on the syrup. Stupid syrup. I am getting better, however, other than the cough returning. My day off was a lot of running around (the main problem with one day off) and tomorrow I’m back at work in the evening.

I’m so sad about the fence they’re putting up around a park near here… it’s one of the leash-free zones for people with dogs (there aren’t that many in the city) and a few weeks ago someone decided that dogs don’t deserve leash-free zones, so they put out poisoned food (hot dogs and such) for the dogs to find. One dog died, a bunch more got very sick, and now the whole park has been closed for a couple of weeks because it’s just not safe for dogs (or for kids who like to stuff things in their mouths, I would think…. mmm free hot dog….) Anyhow. It’s just so incredibly sad. The fence is to keep the park off-limits to anyone and everyone (with or without dogs, kids, or anything else) until they decide there’s no risk of poison anymore. No idea when that will be. Maybe when the snow’s gone… Certainly doesn’t convince me to support people who want to shut down the leash-free zones. If you’re afraid of dogs that are off their leashes, go to one of the hundreds of parks that don’t allow dogs off their leashes.

I don’t want to work tomorrow. Meh.