Maybe I’m crazy… I could’ve sworn there was something going on Monday (tomorrow) at the Renaissance cafe, but now I can’t find anything about it. Am I crazy?


And now, due to no particular reason, are my work-related haikus. All written while I was guarding the wheelchair washroom, I might add.

Watch those wheelchairs come
Don’t you love these matinees?
Wednesdays are FUN!!!!!

Patrons scream and wail
“Why aren’t there elevators?”
‘Tis a lofty cry
(written with the assistance of my manager, Susan)

I’ll not let you through!
One who can handle the stairs
Whine all you like. Hah!

Washrooms, coat check, bar
Are downstairs, as you would know
Had you just listened!!!

However, it is now my weekend. I was falling asleep standing up at work today, which caused me to go straight home. We talked to Adam’s grandmother this morning – we were possibly supposed to be going over there tonight, but we’re not now. Maybe tomorrow. Although I want to go to the Renaissance Cafe tomorrow to see Cyn. I want my day off to not involve going up to Steeles and Bathurst, thank you very much. It turns out she’s not moving till May (holy lack of communication, batman) so we have time to go see if there’s anything at the house we’d like to take. We were told she was moving this week sometime. I was very confused. Anyhow, it’s so nice to just be relaxing at home tonight. And it’s so strange to be home before 11:45pm. And cooking dinner at dinnertime!!! Usually we don’t even get the chance to come home after work Sundays, so this is quite nice.


I’m suddenly on a massive kick of reading all about my life in 2000. I just randomly clicked on a post in May of 2000 and started reading, and now I’ve read about 2 months worth of lj entries. It’s kinda weird. But boy howdy, did I ever get annoyed at my boyfriend at the time for never ever wanting to go out and do anything… And apparently I believed that I was amazing and could take over the world if I wanted to. At least part of the time. Also, I ate a hell of a lot of bagels while I worked at MusicMusicMusic. I was also obsessed with Darth Vader. And I drank a lot of tea… wait. I still drink a lot of tea. I don’t know if I announce it in my lj nearly as much anymore, but I certainly drink it.

Yes, that’s how bored I am. I had coke at work tonight, though, so I may not be sleepy for a while.


Saw my old boss from Satan’s Playhouse walking out of tonight’s performance of The Producers. I did a double take, then proceeded to walk quickly in the opposite direction. No reason for me to attract his attention. I think he sort of recognized me, though. Fortunately not enough for him to talk to me. Thank god.

Tonight a woman came into the theatre with her own glass of what was probably liquor stolen from the restaurant where she had her dinner. She made it past the doorpeople, but we wouldn’t let her bring it into the house. No glasses means no glasses, even if they’re not our glasses. Thank you. I did get two intermission bar shifts today, which is always fun. I like bartending. I really do.

I’m bored, time for a meme:

If you’ve had LJ for over a year, look back to one year ago today and link back to and quote from your entries of that day.
If you have more than one year, go back for the same day for each past year and quote for them as well.
If you’ve had LJ for under a year, quote from the first month you had LJ and then halfway through the time you’ve had it.

Each year for the past few years? Okay then. I’m going with February 28th, because it’s still the 28th in my head. Even though it’s past midnight. And the 29th would be pretty pointless.

Feb. 28th, 2003: Today we head to the cottage on lake temagami by skidoo.

Nothing for Feb. 28th 2002, so next closest which is
Mar. 1st, 2002: I move in the morning. I won’t be online for a while. I haven’t been online enough lately for this to be an issue, though. Miss you all. Apparently my stepdad is desperate for me to call him this weekend.

Feb. 28th, 2001: I think it was Artyste who pointed out to me that today is the last day of February… it’s the 28th today. That means that it’s also my stepfather’s birthday.

Feb. 28th, 2000: Didn’t have an LJ yet. Got it in May of that year, I think.

Yeah. Feb. 28th is my stepdad’s birthday. I didn’t call him this year either. If I’m home tomorrow evening I’ll call then. My brother Chris tells me he has tomorrow off and that he’d like to hear from me. Here’s hoping he’d like to hear from me for more reasons than just the fact that I owe him 300$ from a few years ago when I was starving and couldn’t afford to pay my own student loan payments, so they tracked him down and made him pay for them. He did co-sign, after all. I still plan to pay him back, I was thinking later this year actually. Then he won’t have that ammunition to use on me.


Cute little kid at the show tonight smiled at me a few times when she was going up and down the stairs with her parents. At the end of the show she made a point of getting my attention and grinning and waving at me while she was heading out of the theatre. So very cute. Kids rock. Could I get one or two of those, please? Well, not today. Not this week. Not this year, either. But sometime? I promise I’ll be good…

Adam’s cooking for me. He’s so sweet. I’m so hungry.

I wrote a poem about work – specifically about a position at work we like to call Toilet Tart, where you stand and guard the wheelchair washroom to make sure no one who’s not handicapped tries to use it. Yes, this is an actual position at my work. Anyhow, I wrote this poem, you might recognize the poem it’s based on (at least I hope so, otherwise it’s not nearly as fun…)


‘Twas brillig, and the Alex staff
Did gyre and tango on the stage
All mimsy were the cast and crew
And the Ushers outgrabe

“Beware the ABBA fans, my son!
The jaws that whine, the camera spies!
Beware the Pieros man, and shun
The frumious scalping guys”

He took his vorpal torch in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought –
So rested he by the office door
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in uffish thought he stood,
The ABBA fan, with eyes of flame
Came whiffling by the tulgey stair
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal torch went clickey-clack!
He left it dead and with its head
He went galumphing back.

“And hast thou slain the ABBA fan?
Come to my arms, my toilet tart!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
He chortled in his joy.

‘Twas brillig, and the Alex staff
Did gyre and tango on the stage
All mimsy were the cast and crew
And the Ushers outgrabe

Work is like life’s intermission…

Disappointed with things

I’ve come to a bit of a realization tonight. I think my one eye that requires me to wear glasses so I don’t get headaches might be affecting my photography. It’s the same eye that I use to look through the camera, and I noticed tonight at the show that there was a marked difference between how that eye saw things with and without my glasses. The other eye doesn’t need a prescription at all… just my right eye. It’s entirely possible that my focussing has been slightly off lately without my ever noticing. This is moderately annoying, since it means either I’ll have to learn how to look through the viewfinder comfortably wearing my glasses (which I’m not so good at right now,) or get contacts. Can you get contacts for one eye? How do contacts work? Meh.

After work I met up with Adam, who had a couple of last-minute-given-to-him-on-a-whim tickets to Great Big Sea’s show at the Phoenix tonight. I would have loved to go to the whole thing… we headed over there after work and caught the last song and a half of their encore. Better than nothing, I’d say, but I still would’ve loved to have bought tickets and actually taken the night off work to go. They’ve got a new cd out now, too, and I have yet to pick up their last two. I’m so far behind with CDs…

I’m somewhat tired tonight, which is good because I should go to sleep earlier than I did last night.

I picked up the reprints of the 8×10 and 11×14 that I had done. They managed to get the 8×10 okay, but the 11×14 they apparently couldn’t print the way I wanted it to. And yet they still charged me with it, and didn’t offer to make a print from the digital copy for free. So I’m stuck with an expensive 11×14 print that I can’t use and no one would possibly want for anything. Needless to say, I won’t be going back to Toronto Image Works, and neither will I recommend it to anyone for anything. They could have been a little more helpful, and maybe not charged me 35$ for a print that is obviously awful.

I’ll be trying West Lab this week. I used them for black & white a long while ago, and they were quite nice to me, so I’ll give them a shot at colour. At least until I get a quality dye sub printer and start making my own prints. I need that control. NEED.


It’s nice enough out that I opened up the window. Dayle and Sera immediately flocked to it, now they’re staring out at the world. Oh the wonderful smells they’re discovering! Maybe this means Dayle will actually sleep tonight instead of yowl at the bedroom doors all night long. I can only hope.

I’m very bored. Adam’s playing Unreal. I don’t much feel like gaming today, so I’m not going to start Black & White or anything… just don’t feel like it. I just keep hitting the send/receive button in my email, hoping that someone has emailed me. No one has recently though. At least not in the past hour or so… in fact, the last email I got was an lj comment at 2:13pm. An hour almost exactly. And I’m bored enough that I checked.

So nice out. I should go outside to the beach or something.


JennyLee and PaleBlueDot
  • Are rumoured to have had twenty-eight thousand superior kids.
  • Schedule times to hug each other on Saturdays.
  • Demonstrate their affection with skywriting and embracing.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

YEAH!!!!! BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Played some gunbound, and was awful. Emma would’ve kicked my ass if she’d been on my team.

The double show day today was uneventful, other than the cast being completely off for the second show. Rumour was they had a party between shows, and some of them maybe had some drinks. Either way, they were definitely not fantastic. However, tomorrow is Thursday, and I like Thursdays. Plus I can pick up the two photos I took in for printing that I had redone this week. I’ve also started trying to save my tips, I’m collecting them in a container. So far I have one dollar (the other two dollars tip I made today I spent on chocolate bars at work. Damn Letty and her chocolate bars for sale…) Tomorrow I’m not in a tip-receiving position, so I won’t be adding to it then, but maybe later on in the week. If I’m lucky.

Now that I’m done with Gunbound, though, it’s just about time for bed. I like bed. It’s where I sleep. Among other things.