Update from lynx (again)

Updating from the mac on Lynx again. It’s got colours and a cursor now – much easier to navigate. Unfortunately Netscape still despises my laptop, so I think I’ve given up using it. Also, the irc client I tried caused an ‘unimplemented trap’ and forced me to reboot, so I’ll stick with Bitchx for now. I feel so oldschool or something.

Dry cough keeps showing up at night. very annoying.

Not as tired, freaked out, frustrated, angry, upset, moody, and unsettled as I was earlier. So hard to deal with things sometimes. Certainly not dealing well with anything this week. I’ve been downright snarky at times. No excuse for it, I’m sure. I hope people forgive me if I’ve been less than tactful… I can’t even remember most of what’s gone on this week… In a sense I want to break down and cry, but I won’t. Not today. Sometimes, even though I know I’ve got adam, I still feel weird and lonely. Bleh.

There is no MSN Messenger for this computer. Too bad… it’d be nice to talk to people right now. :/