Downloaded and installed Gunbound on the advice of GrindBastard, Arty, and Highlearn. Perhaps will play when I get home tonight after the double shift. I asked them if it was like scorched earth, and no one replied… I can’t be the only one who played scorched earth. So tell me, is it like scorched earth already??

I’m playing Black & White again, which is entirely entertaining to me, since I never got a chance to finish it last time. I ran into a perpetual crash bug and couldn’t get past it, then never bothered to restart. I’m also considering installing the Sims again, because I haven’t played in so very long, and now that Adam’s playing all his games on the new computer I can use his old one for old games. I am the hand-me-down queen.

I’m massively insecure this week. How exciting.

And I’m just a little tired of ABBA.

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  • ashkitty

    January 28, 2004 at 2:22 pm

    ABBA is really only fun for the first couple of days. 😉

    I need to reinstall the Sims on my computer, there’s something corrupted in it and it keeps crashing. I miss that game.