New year’s eve: Couldn’t stop coughing so harshly I couldn’t breathe and was making myself gag. Lungs hurt too much to think, and I had to find a happy medium between breathing too shallowly to get enough oxygen and breathing too deeply and putting myself into a coughing frenzy. Couldn’t sleep because I coughed every time I lay down. This lasted for 8 days straight. Went to doctor. Bought 80$ worth of prescription medications (including inhaler) to get rid of bronchitis. Took antibiotics for a week. Coughing slowed and finally stopped by the end of seven days.

Sore throat took over where cough left off. Have nasty red & white nodes on tonsils and throat. Going back to see doctor tomorrow if at all possible, probably for more antibiotics.

2004, for me, has so far been a year of illness, loneliness, exhaustion, lack of ambition, and a complete inability to sing.

Things can only get better.

Adam picked up a new computer to work on a game sfx and music contract. Got it home Friday afternoon. The hard drive imploded on Friday night. Couldn’t bring it in to be fixed until tomorrow, so we’re still working on Adam’s old machine, the P3 450. Hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow. Hopefully so will I. This being sick all the time thing is doing really bad things to my morale.