Blah. Feel like I’ve got bronchitis. And I was over that cold until new year’s eve. Probably going to call my doctor tomorrow, but if she can’t see me relatively quickly, maybe I should go to a walk-in clinic. I’ve been coughing so much lately my ribs and lungs ache and it keeps me awake half the night. I wish I had the stuff to make myself a hot toddy… that would make me happy.

The cats are going insane right now. Also, they have peed on something somewhere in the hall, and Febreeze is useless crap that only makes cat pee smell like febreezey cat pee. I need to get to the pet shop to buy the stuff that actually gets the smell of cat pee out of things. Dayle is an asshole.

The dog upstairs is yapping. It’s making the cats go on the alert, and now Dayle’s whining. I wish we had a dog to keep Dayle in line… nothing else works.

Oh yeah, and I lost my mittens today. That’s the second time in as many months. I suck.