My voice went today. Not sure where it went, I’ll have to see if I can find it tomorrow. For tonight, I’ll just put myself on supermegastrength Benylin cough syrup and wait for it to knock me out.

We waited and watched and updated various news sites a lot last night waiting for news from NASA. It came, and news was good. Earth 1, Mars many. Mars is still winning, but hey… good stuff this time.

I’ve been thinking way too much the past few weeks about death, the world, and the general overall pointlessness of being. It’s very draining. I keep thinking I’m done with the topic, but it keeps coming back. Meh.

My work schedule now returns to its normal six days a week thing. Tomorrow: a trip to ikea. Tonight: will attempt to set up and turn on the FneuCam. Or maybe not… Adam’s using his computer. Maybe later, when he’s not doing stuff.