All this snow makes me want very much to go tobogganing.

Tell me an absolute truth, and explain why it is an absolute truth.


I will not create my own visisted countries map because I have been to Canada and the United States, and that’s just pathetic.

Work was reasonably silly tonight. But then, it generally is.


Cal thinks I should get a real job.

What’s a real job? Will the blue fairy come and turn my job into a real job with her magic wand?


It’s snowing again!! And I dreamed last night about downhill skiing, which I haven’t done since I was about 17 years old (ooh… ten years… I’m old.) Is this a sign that I must go downhill skiing?? That would be so nice…

Sometimes I really wish I had a car to get out of this city. Blue Mountain’s not that far away…

Must…. go… to… Kenya…

I had trouble sleeping last night… started coughing, and just couldn’t stop. It was highly annoying. At any rate, I didn’t get to sleep til sometime after Ian left for work. I remember waking up at one point in the middle of the night (morning?) and moving my leg the wrong way, pulling the muscle in my calf in that charlie horse incredible pain sort of manner. Then I slept until 1:15pm, and woke up stiff as all hell. It was a heavy sleep night.

The only problem with sleeping so long is the fact that I’ve got limited time before I have to leave for work. It really cuts the day down to size. Oh well, all it means today is less time to play black & white. My horse is glowing and turning into a unicorn.


Stolen from duhbigman

First job:
Not including babysitting, I worked at the Kraft Cheese Factory in Ingleside when I was 16.

First screen name:

First funeral:
Grandpa Groves – he died of scerosis of the liver from Labatt fitty when I was 13.

First pet:
Sparky, orange tabby tomcat. We had other pets, but he was the first that was just mine.

First piercing/tattoo:
Ears in grade one. Dragon tattoo when I was 22.

First credit card:
Mastercard. ASS.

First Kiss:
High school. A guy who was 5 years older than me when I was 16. Kinda creepy when I think about it now.

First one that mattered:
The first one I can remember really mattering was on a beach in toronto at sunrise. Just one of those things.

First true love:
That’s a strange question. I guess the guy I kissed in the previous one.

First enemy:
Belinda Casselman. She beat me up in grade 2.

First big trip:
The east coast when I was 13 with my best friends and her parents – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. So nice out there.

First concert:
New Kids on the Block.

First musician you remember hearing in your house:


Last car ride:
Yesterday, two blocks in the Blizzard from Timothy’s Coffee shop to my house with my friend Cal.

Last kiss:
Adam, this morning.

Last library book checked out:
Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle (got it for Ian, I’ve read it before.)

Last movie watched:
The Duke. It was on tv. It was painfully bad. Something about a dog that’s a duke in England. So bad.

Last beverage drank:

Last food consumed:
Turkey Bacon Club from Tim Horton’s.

Last phone call:
Jay, last night.

Last time showered:
Yesterday I think.

Last CD played:
Great Big Sea – Turn

Last annoyance:
waking up this morning

Last soda drank:
Ginger Ale

Last ice cream eaten:

Last time scolded:

Last shirt worn:
this one.

Last website visited:
Livejournal friends page.


Downloaded and installed Gunbound on the advice of GrindBastard, Arty, and Highlearn. Perhaps will play when I get home tonight after the double shift. I asked them if it was like scorched earth, and no one replied… I can’t be the only one who played scorched earth. So tell me, is it like scorched earth already??

I’m playing Black & White again, which is entirely entertaining to me, since I never got a chance to finish it last time. I ran into a perpetual crash bug and couldn’t get past it, then never bothered to restart. I’m also considering installing the Sims again, because I haven’t played in so very long, and now that Adam’s playing all his games on the new computer I can use his old one for old games. I am the hand-me-down queen.

I’m massively insecure this week. How exciting.

And I’m just a little tired of ABBA.