I miss my friends.

I was so tired today I nearly fell asleep standing up at the back of the theatre during the show. And that was during the first show… I did nap for about 25 minutes between shows. It helped a bit. Otherwise, I was just clueless and making silly mistakes all day. Glad this day’s over.

Doing some laundry now before bed. It’s nice to have machines that work right.

Still no word on whether or not the phone works… stupid bell canada. When I plug it in, it doesn’t work, but I don’t know why. Will have to try and deal with it tomorrow I guess, after work. Or before work. There’s no time for anything right now… And I’m working on my only day off again. I think I’ll tell them after this Monday that there’s no way I’m working Mondays for them anymore unless it’s a REAL emergency. This is wearing me down way too much.

I should be sleeping now, but I have to wait for the dryer to finish.

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  • ex_oki86

    November 2, 2003 at 7:06 pm

    I miss you guys too.

    I can show you the mad lack of skills I have in playing the guitar and the bass and the keyboards! 😀

    Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait til next year sometime. I got a new position at my company and I have training all this month. Next month, I’m thinking of visiting my parents in Michigan.