Getting ready for work… Today’s a double day, matinee and evening show.

Ian rented 28 Days Later last night. It was okay.

It’s incredible how I have absolutely nothing to say.


My general annoyance level this week just keeps on going up and up and up… All sorts of relatively minor things that keep adding up and making me incredibly frustrated, and pretty much absolutly nothing I can do about most of them.

And now I must go to work.


My family and I aren’t particularly close to each other. Some of my siblings I haven’t actively spoken to in a couple of years. Some I only talk to online every six months. I generally kid about my family and their issues, just to help me feel better about it I guess.

Unfortunately sometimes, that’s partly a facade, and sometimes when things happen to some of them I can’t help but feel it. And sometimes it hits pretty close to home.

My little brother’s in the hospital at the moment. His previously broken back (broken about five years ago) has been acting up lately, I’m told, which has lead to him falling into psychosis and depression.

The thing is, while I constantly kid about how my brother is crazy (and don’t get me wrong, I still think he is – jumping off bridges and other such feats require some level of insanity, I’d say) he’s also the one sibling I feel closest to, emotionally. I feel as though we’ve got the most in common, somehow. We’ve both been through some craziness, we both speak candidly to each other about it (which I’ve never felt I could do with the rest of my family) although I have yet to tell him exactly what went on with my father and I. I’ve been waiting until I see him in person, rather than mentioning it in an email or something lame like that.

I guess I might say that he’s as depressed and psychotic as I could have been, in a sense, had I not dealt with crap when I did. And that’s what’s hitting me right now. That, and I want to go see him. I’ll send him some mail, I guess – I don’t imagine the hospital will allow calls into a room after 11:45pm.

Whatever. I’m awake and thinking too much.


One of my two evenings off a week, and nothing to do, no one around, nobody showing any even vague interest in getting together with me. Even Adam and Ian are going to sleep early. Yes, I’m whining, but I’m not feeling particularly happy at the moment, so whatever. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try phoning people and annoy them into doing something with me. I’d like to think I didn’t have to do that, but it seems that’s the only chance I’ve got. Don’t know what else I’ll be doing. Sleeping in, maybe. Rent a movie. Watch horrible daytime tv.


Hmm. I guess not then.

Getting tired of having to go to someone else’s house to get online. Also am slightly tired of ABBA.

I was on coat check tonight, though, so I didn’t have to watch the show… I just had to watch the coats.

Also got a haircut today.



No net set up at home yet. Haven’t even got Adam’s computer unpacked and set up yet. Can’t think of much to put in here… the new place is a mess, as expected upon moving. Hopefully make a trip to Ikea this week to pick up curtains, since we’re all quite tired of people walking by the apartment and staring into our windows at us.

I’m sincerely hoping that some of my friends will be able to find time to see me sometime soon… feeling really disconnected again, and I’m in the same frikkin’ city now. Probably my own fault, it’s not like I’ve got that much free time at normal hours to get together with people.

Theatre patrons can be silly, silly people. Especially when they’re going to see a show of ABBA songs.


Working on my only day off! I rock!! It’s nice to feel needed, I guess.

Finally starting to feel human again, not exhausted anymore.

No net at home yet. Just got the phone working today. If anyone doesn’t have my number and would like it, let me know. Or you can call 411 and get it from them, it’s under my last name – since I don’t have net, I may or may not get an email in reasonable time. If you would like to contact me, use the phone for now, til we have net running at the least. Or just use the phone in general.


I miss my friends.

I was so tired today I nearly fell asleep standing up at the back of the theatre during the show. And that was during the first show… I did nap for about 25 minutes between shows. It helped a bit. Otherwise, I was just clueless and making silly mistakes all day. Glad this day’s over.

Doing some laundry now before bed. It’s nice to have machines that work right.

Still no word on whether or not the phone works… stupid bell canada. When I plug it in, it doesn’t work, but I don’t know why. Will have to try and deal with it tomorrow I guess, after work. Or before work. There’s no time for anything right now… And I’m working on my only day off again. I think I’ll tell them after this Monday that there’s no way I’m working Mondays for them anymore unless it’s a REAL emergency. This is wearing me down way too much.

I should be sleeping now, but I have to wait for the dryer to finish.


So… very… exhausted…

Moved today. Worked last night til 11pm, slept (interspersed with Sera waking me up repeatedly) til 7:30am, got up and finished packing, went to the bank and got the draft for rent, went home and packed up the truck, biked from the old apartment to the new apartment (no room in the truck for me or my bike,) unloaded the truck, split for work when the truck was 3/4 unloaded (leaving Adam and Ian to finished unloading) then worked til 11pm again.

Got home a little while ago, dropped into Suraklin’s place (because he’s got net and Ian and Adam are both at work and he lives in the same building as our new place) to check email and relax after work for a bit with tea and company. Next I’m going home to unpack what I can, then to pass out in sweet sleepy oblivion, and get up to do a double shift at work tomorrow from 12:30 til 11pm.

Didn’t have hydro for the past 3 days at the old place. Long story. Now have hydro (hooray for hot water!!) new phone should be working by tomorrow morning (will email number out to a few people if I have the energy tonight, although I’m sure to forget lots because my brain is jell-o.)

New mailing address (permanent-type thing) available for those who wish to mail me things. Please send me your mailing addresses so I can mail you things too. Thank you, that is all.