The mess that is this apartment is definitely contributing to making me permanently bitchy. I seriously hope that the new place will be cleaner and better taken care of. It’s not that difficult if everyone co-operates. If only for my continued sanity, damnit.

Computer’s acting slow. I’ll have to go offline to work on the scanning I want to get done. Then I’ll have to grab a shower and head to work.


Don’t feel like talking about anything here. Thank god the clocks change and I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Maybe that’ll make me feel better.

I hereby give up on email as a form of communication. People don’t write emails, they send forwards. And half the time people don’t reply to personal emails they’ve been sent. It’s basically pointless. I learned this when I lived up north. Now that I’m back in Toronto, nothing’s changed. I see people just as much now as I did up there. And yes, I am in the mood to feel sorry for myself, probably due to lack of sleep and needing food.

For one more week, this is my mailing address. Then I move again: Continue Reading


Well, we got the apartment at least. That’s one thing done with and stuff.

Really just a bitchy whine about pointless crud…

My frustration and annoyance knows no bounds. How I hate you, Outlook.

Working on my only day off. Oh well, who needs to relax anyway? Besides, all I was going to do at home was grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and other such things. I don’t need clean clothes or food either.

I’m trying to feel positive, but lately I’ve had too much on my mind to really keep it up. I just don’t see the point of any of this. I’m seeing and talking to my friends less now that I’m in the same city as I did when I was up north. I haven’t had the time off or extra cash to start working on my own stuff. Why am I here again? I fail to see the point.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like working at the theatre, and it’s not like the ABBA has driven me completely mad yet, because it hasn’t. Not yet anyhow. The theatre’s a pretty simple job, when you take it apart, and the people I work with are nice. The lack of flexibility in hours is dampening my spirit, but that’s not such a big deal I guess. People I work with tell me it can be worked around, that they work things out to see their friends, or that they just aren’t social anymore. I’m not sure if that makes me feel better, since I’ve been trying to work around my schedule to see my friends and it’s for the most part not working at all. Plus, having only one day off a week basically means I can’t ever go anywhere for a weekend, since I don’t get one. Can’t go out to evening things because I work at an evening thing… maybe all my friends could come see Mamma Mia sometime? Yeah. Like that’ll happen. Because they all love ABBA so very much. Funny thing it, it really is a funny good show and the music’s a lot of fun.

At any rate, I haven’t been particularly cheerful the past week or so, and I think it’s getting to Adam, since he’s pretty happy about how things are working out according to our plan. And it’s not that I’m unhappy about it, it’s just that I’m not specifically happy either. I just feel like all this is kinda pointless, and I hate that feeling.

And we still don’t know if we got the apartment we applied for, so we don’t know if we have a place to live for November first or not.


Bjorn Ulvaes (too lazy to put in the proper letters for that) was at Mamma Mia the other night. He looks about the same, with less 70s sparkly clothing and more grey hair. Also saw a few canadian tv stars (which means no one’s heard of them) at the same show. But Bjorn was definitely the high point of the evening. It made the show a little different, at least. The show that night and for the next couple of weeks is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness – they’ve got a special Mamma Mia T-shirt for breast cancer fundraising and pink ribbons all over the place in the theatre.

Went to look at an apartment yesterday. Going to look at two more today. We were supposed to see three today, but one of them got rented. This makes me nervous about finding a place before the end of the month. Ah well, we’ll figure something out I guess.

I’m pretty tired and miserable today, though. It’s not making me the most pleasant company. Not going to go into why, it’s just not worth it.


Blasted air fresheners… always give me a nasty headache.

And also, blasted pumpkin pies take way too long to bake. Instructions are apparently meaningless. Stupid pie. I don’t even like the stuff.

Yes, I have become grumpy. It will pass shortly. I’ve been grumpy lots lately. And really depressed about my computer (or complete lack thereof.)

Must be more positive. Think I’ll go take some advil. That’s positive!


I’m making another turkey this year… we named him fluffy, and I just stuffed him up good.

Also making a pumpkin pie, and made some rice pudding last night. I like cooking. It’s fun. I just sent the boys out for some stuff we’re going to need for dinner tonight… like oven mitts to get the turkey out of the oven.

It’s making me hungry, though.

And I desperately want to see the pictures I took last spring. I guess my plan for being able to see them before I moved back to Toronto really didn’t work out so well. I can’t even remember what I took anymore. Bleh.

Must get around to scanning the canoe trip pictures, too. And find an apartment for November 1st. So much to do…


Am painfully hungry. Really must stop skipping breakfast and lunch, it makes me cranky, obnoxious, unable to concentrate and difficult to deal with. Oh yeah, and it’s really bad for the hypoglycemia thing.

I think I’ll try and meet Adam downtown for dinner before work tonight. Am at 2nd job (or is it 1st job?) right now, waiting on silliness. Doesn’t look like silliness is going to happen, so I think I’ll take off shortly.

I just don’t have enough jobs yet. It’s not like I can have a social life with this set of hours, so I may as well fill up all my time with work or something.


Hmm… Let’s see… happy bday to Adam’s dad (yesterday now, technically.) Today marks the eleventh time I’ve seem Mamma Mia. I’m starting to memorize the songs. Soon I’ll get ambitious and learn to play them on guitar (might as well, if I can sing them anyhow.)

Too sleepy for relevance. I go sleep now.