Driving in my car…

Yesterday Adam and I drove from New Liskeard to Toronto with a lot of clothes, a futon mattress, and the cats. Today I drove back with an empty car, leaving Adam, the clothes and the cats behind in Toronto. Tomorrow I get on the train first thing in the morning and head back south to Toronto. Six hours of driving each way… I’m done with driving for a little while. Good thing I don’t actually own a car.

I just tried to set up a phone line with Bell over their website. I hope it works. Hard to get steady work without a phone contact number.

Anyhow, I’m in Liskeard tonight. Will pack up whatever I can carry on the train (some more clothes, a guitar, other little random things that fit in suitcases and such) and then be offline yet again until further notice. Will be checking email and other such things in a couple of days. Not that anyone emails me, but I think bell is supposed to to let me know if/when they’re going to hook up my phone line.

Hmm. I should post the next day in Bacchanalia. I forget what day I was on. Ah well.