Today’s my first day of work. I start at six. I’m also nastily sick, sniffly, feverish, and generally icky, and I couldn’t sleep last night. Work should be fun!

Thanks to Belli for the dialup access. It’s very lovely.

Tomorrow is the bday. It’s also the day of my yearly doctor’s checkup and I work the night again. No celebrating for me. In fact, if I’m still sick I imagine I’ll come home and pass out right after the show.


I seem to have caught a cold. and my first day of work it tomorrow. I feel somewhat miserable until I take cold meds… Go me.

Going to be scanning the photos from the canoe trip soon, as well as other pictures I’ve taken since the beginning of the year. Once they’re done, I may even upload them on dialup. Or burn them to CD and go to someone’s house who doesn’t have dialup. That might be better.


I’m online from home on Adam’s computer using someone’s ex-girlfriend’s 10 hours of dialup. Let’s just say I can’t stay online too long.

Went to the orientation for work last night. The pit band was practicing while we had our tour. All ABBA all the time. I feel ambiguous. Work starts in earnest on Tuesday… I’ll be working every night til 11pm Tues-Saturday, then Sunday there’s a matinee. The only actual day off is Monday. But I don’t have to be at work until 6:30pm on days when there’s no matinee (there are only matinees on Wednesday & Saturday.) Oh yeah, and after 3 months I’m some branch of non-tech IATSE theatre. That’s just freaky and slightly evil.

Dayle and Sera seem happy that I’m home alone today. They’re hanging out with me wherever I go. I love my kitties. Adam’s at work and Ian’s out with his brother doing stuff. It’s kinda nice to have some time to myself. Maybe I’ll do my cards.

Oh yeah, and the ceiling in our bedroom leaks when it rains. Must move soon. Soooooooooon.

Okey. back to offline-boredness. Can’t go out today, not spending any more money this weekend if at all possible.


Barry White’s voice is sweet sweet goodness. I bought a painting the other night. It’s on my wall and super-pretty. I like it. I also painted two paintings last week, which Ian put up on the wall. They’re cute in a kiddie-doodle sort of way, what with my non-painting skillz and all.

Got a job yesterday. Go me. Now we see if I like it or something. I’m at my old job with the composer right now – still no net at home. Maybe soon, considering I’ve got work now…

Apparently Robert Palmer died. Holy bad month for celebs.


  • I am in Toronto, and I have a phone.
  • My computer is completely dead.
  • I have no internet connection at home – can only check stuff online once a week or so.
  • job hunting. Yay.
  • Adam has a job. *actual* yay.
  • Biking everywhere in town absolutely rocks. It’s all uphill from Pape/Gerrard to Yonge/Eglinton, however.
  • I like cheese.
  • Dayle caught a mouse at Ian’s place. It became his plaything. It entertained us for an hour or so.
  • Having no interent is frustrating when trying to find work.
  • Please phone me if you need to get in touch with me – internet won’t work, since I ma never get back to in time.

    Being back in Troonto is surreal… it’s like nothing’s changed while I’ve been gone, except for the location of construction.

    If you need my phone number, leave a comment. Might be able to get online tomorrow to check email, if I’m at someone else’s house again.

  • Untitled

    Okay allstream people, (are there any listening?) – my boss wants a small business solution for email hosting that can be accessed from any of the three computers in the office – so everyone can see all incoming messages on all three machines. They already own a domain name, but aren’t building a website for a while so they don’t need web hosting – just an email provider for their domain. They’re on an IMAP server right now that’s just really cruddy and won’t connect to one of the computers for no reason they can figure out.

    I need to know what sort of service would give that, and find out info about it so I can make some suggestions to my boss. I’d love to tell him to go with a smaller server (as I have friends who run them and I know they’d do a great job) but he wants a big company, and allstream’s as big as I know. It’s either that or Wcom off the top of my head, and I don’t like them for personal reasons.

    Can anyone help?

    Observations upon a return

    These are the first coherent thoughts I had upon my return to the city of Toronto:

  • Smog is obvious when you’ve been living away from it for 8 months.
  • Yes, it really is more humid there
  • Driving the 401 is not nearly as relaxing as driving from Liskeard to Temagami every day, but oddly enough more people in the city signal when changing lanes than the ones up north. I hate non-signallers.
  • Sera is thrilled to not have anyone beating up on her anymore when she comes down from her window.
  • Our budget is less than expected, which sucks, but isn’t unmanageable.
  • Having a proper bike with brakes on the Toronto bike trails is going to rock my world. Using that bike on the off-road trails is going to be freaky.

    It hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m back. I guess because I’ve been driving for the past two days. I should go sleep. Or something. And then go back to Toronto.