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We went out swimming off the boat today, and I learned how to dive. It’s not so scary diving off a boat when you can look at the depth finder and realize that there’s no possible way to dive deep enough to hit anything at 40 feet deep. I’m not exactly graceful, but who needs grace when you can entertain people anyway?

Lake Temagami’s so nice.

Work again tomorrow for ten days, then on the eleventh day we start the canoe trip, which lasts for five days, and the day after we get back it’s time for more work. You’d think the canoe trip would be the equivalent of a day off, but really it isn’t. I don’t mind, though… canoeing is that sort of nice relaxing work/non-work thing. Or something.

I’m tired. swimming all day does that to you. But I’m up for a little bit. So mindless right now.

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  • mishamish

    August 14, 2003 at 4:21 am

    Yeah, water saps the heck out of you! I never used to get it from swimming, but those first water-skiing trips of the summer… Yikes! I’d get so tired I couldn’t pull myself up onto the ski’s and then I KNEW it was too late, because I wouldn’t be able to pull myself up onto the boat, either. Little bruises your ego quite like having to have someone reach down and grab the back of your life-vest and pull you up onto the deck like a beached marlin. 😛

    But, GO! Work, then you will be able to do your fave work/non-work thing. GO, my lassie! Go…