So… very… sleepy…

This is Day 10 of working. I’m pretty sure my next day off is next Tuesday (also, incidentally, Adam’s birthday) unless something comes up and they need me, in which case my day off will be next Wednesday, which will make my number of working days without break fifteen or sixteen. I took a nap after I was done work today, waiting for Adam to pick me up. I think I’m going to bed in about ten minutes. Brain is fracturing thoughts.

We went biking on a trail out at Pete’s dam last night. That was fun… I’m getting somewhat more used to the concept of mountain biking on uneven surfaces like hills and rocks and roots and such. It’s a bit weird for me… I’ve had a tenspeed girl’s bike that would wipe out on smooth grass in the best of conditions, so it’s hard getting used to a bike with wide tires and suspension and so on. We’re going to go back and bike more often after work. It should be fun and muddy. Muddy things are often fun, I believe.

I emailed people from the photography workshop, but the hotmail addresses bounced back at me. Yet another reason to despise hotmail. I’ll try the people whose addresses bounced again in a couple of days, I guess.