Bacchanalia 2003

Date: August 23 – August 28th, 2003

Blue Canoe: Ian Greenwood & Shawn Silver
Green Canoe: Jenn Fournier & Paul McLaren
Red Canoe: Marc Ducharme & Lana Roberts
White Canoe: Adam Silver & Jenny Faller

Starting point on Lake Temagami at Manitou Landing, north into Kokoko Bay, portage into Kokoko Lake, returning to Manitou Landing via the same route.

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It’s weird. I get these moments where I’m all ‘why am I bothering going back to Toronto? What’s there for me anyway?’ and then I get over it pretty much. It’s not that I want to stay here, because I don’t. I just sometimes can’t figure out why I’m going back exactly.

I just finished writing up my journal of the Canoe trip. It’s 14 pages long in Word. Perhaps I won’t be posting it here. Doubt people want to read it anyhow. Or maybe I’ll just post one day of the trip a day, since I separated it by day. Or something. Maybe I’ll wait til the pictures are done. Or something. I don’t know.

Anyhow, going back to Toronto next weekend. Or is that this weekend? One week yesterday. Yes.

I’m very tired. I got back from the trip on Thursday, took a nap, went to Paul’s to watch The Two Towers, went to sleep, got up and went to work for a 12 hour shift the next day, and I’ve worked every day since. In fact I’ll be working until this coming Thursday, then friday I’ll be packing and most likely driving to Toronto on Saturday, then bringing the car back up here on Sunday and taking the train back to Toronto on Monday. So really, I haven’t had a day off (not including the canoe trip) since the 13th of August, and I won’t get another one for over a week.

I miss sleeping. Money is good. I miss sleeping. Money is good. I’ll sleep when I get back to Toronto.

My hand injury is pretty much better now. The bruising only hurts if I bang my hand on something or squeeze it or something like that. It’s fine if I don’t do anything.


Not even going to try to catch up on friends listiness.

Canoe trip was great. I’ll write up a proper thing about it when I’m more recovered. Note: Nights are cold in late August, and hoodie sweatshirts are the bomb. I’ll be a couple of days getting the dirt out.

Anyhow, we got back today. The cats are already climbing all over me. I guess they missed me. The dogs did the same when we went out to the back yard to see them. Silly animals.

Anyhow. Hordes of the Underdark announced and I don’t even have Shadows of Undrentide yet. Blasted.

Hmm. My injury makes it hard to type for a long period of time. Will write more later. Very tired and going to nap shortly.


Very tired. Worked late last night and tonight. Extra hours are useful, but I can’t work late the rest of the week – if I do, there will be no time for packing for the canoe trip. Canoe trip is important. Vital, even.

Staying in the cabin last night was really neat… nice and quiet, had to walk down a trail in the dark over roots to get to it, and the bed is basically the top loft of the cabin. Just a little place, but cozy.

Moving back to Toronto soon. Am anxious to get on with it, once the trip is done.

To tired to really say anything interesting.


So tired…

Worked until 9 tonight. Tomorrow night we’re working late and staying over in the cabin at the lodge. The cabin is this hydro-less hut with a little stove/fireplace and no lights. It has a mattress though, so we have to bring blankets and pillows and such.

Cassie just brought me the love tiger (formerly the love monkey, who died in a horrible chewing accident and was magically replaced by the love tiger.) It’ll be weird not having a dog around.

Trip starts in six days. Yay trip.

Can’t think coherently. Too tired.


Yadda yadda power outage. The town was super-neat last night at midnight. Mars was insanely bright. And there was much rejoicing. And naturally everyone’s pointing a finger at everyone else.

Currently we’re about to get a severe thunderstorm. I imagine the power will go out again. and there will be much rejoicing. It just thundered enough to shake the house. Maybe I should go offline or something.

However, before I go offline, I desperately need to vent.

When the news requests that you turn off air conditioners because they draw a lot of power, and you complain that you can’t possibly function well without your precious air conditioner, I will lose all respect for you as a person who cares about the world. It’s hypocritical to proclaim how you want to save the world and then decide it doesn’t matter if it inconveniences you. I’m sorry, but it’s the same as when they have water shortages and ask you to not water your lawn – those of you who keep watering a lawn in this condition because your lawn is special and if no one else is doing it because they’ve been told not to then your watering won’t make a difference… well chances are there are a few hundred more of you, or even more, and in my opinion you lack respect for those who actually care for the people around them, and you lack respect for anyone outside of your little personal bubble. As such, I lack respect for you.

It’s like the last straw. I really have to get out of this house before I do or say something permanently damaging. Especially since it won’t make a difference anyway. I will say nothing and do nothing and avoid the topic entirely. I just had to vent this now here.

Canoe trip starts in one week. I keep trying to convince suraklin to go, but he keeps saying no fucking way. Wuss. 😉


This is

We went out swimming off the boat today, and I learned how to dive. It’s not so scary diving off a boat when you can look at the depth finder and realize that there’s no possible way to dive deep enough to hit anything at 40 feet deep. I’m not exactly graceful, but who needs grace when you can entertain people anyway?

Lake Temagami’s so nice.

Work again tomorrow for ten days, then on the eleventh day we start the canoe trip, which lasts for five days, and the day after we get back it’s time for more work. You’d think the canoe trip would be the equivalent of a day off, but really it isn’t. I don’t mind, though… canoeing is that sort of nice relaxing work/non-work thing. Or something.

I’m tired. swimming all day does that to you. But I’m up for a little bit. So mindless right now.


Oh yeah… and it’s now Adam’s birthday (August 12th.) And there was much rejoicing.


Oh wait… the problems with Adam’s computer are actually two separate problems. The weird pop-up things that show up randomly are one problem. The random error messages followed by forced reboot are another one. I can’t keep it straight.


Adam’s computer keeps rebooting itself. Some sort of microsoft XP error something or other. I guess the fix is available at the MS site or something, assuming his computer doesn’t reboot itself randomly again before the download finishes. I’m on internet sharing with him, so my computer’s not being hit I guess. But his computer’s the one with the modem, so I can’t even be connected without him. Apparently it’s a worm that can allow people to take control of your system. What I don’t understand is why someone would want to take control of my system anyway. It’s a pretty boring bland generic and relatively useless machine at the moment. Whatever. Worms are stupid.

Tomorrow is my first day off in 16 days. I will not be turning the alarm clock on. I may wake up at the same time as usual, but it won’t be because I have to, and that will be heavenly.

We’re planning our meals for the canoe trip now… this should be a good food trip, which is cool. I like food, and it would be good if I don’t go all hypoglycemic this year like I did last year. It’s not pleasant for me or anyone else around me, and I’d really rather avoid it.