It’s like a light went on inside my brain

And suddenly depth of field makes perfect, complete, beautiful sense. Why can’t everyone explain things so succinctly?

I’m quite tired, was at the lodge doing photography course stuff til about 11pm. Makes for a long day, but so worth it. We went to a sled dog place and hung out with the dogs for a while – seventeen or so of them, incredibly beautiful and extremely friendly, obedient Alaskan Huskies. I took just over 20 pictures today… we shall see how they turn out, now that I know what depth of field is.

Another early day tomorrow. We’re going to spend some time in the town of Temagami at the Temagami Canoe company, then going to climb the fire tower (weather permitting) and maybe some canoeing or something.

My neck was hurting agan this morning. Am reading up on things to do to fix that now. I’ve already stolen Adam’s dad’s ergonomic pillow thing, which is quite nice.