Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, July 9:
Even the most unfamiliar system follows a basic model. Your security is never at risk, although comfort may be something of a luxury for a while. Be happy that you still have an emergency fund.

I picked up some furniture polish. It smells lovely orangish. I will enjoy making the piano glow with it.

Sometimes I have to wonder about things I get enjoyment out of… like making pianos glow, like organizing 500 cds alphabetically, like putting books on the shelf by author and series. I guess I’m more like my mother sometimes than I tend to think about. Not that I mind, really. I like my mother, there’s not many women out there I would rather be like than her.

It’s nearly time for a trip to the Husky* for some tea with Ian to see the super-perky happy waitress. She rocks.

* Husky: 24-hour Truck stop on Highway 11 that has infinite amounts of coffee and tea and very very good pie.