A house to myself…

Adam’s parents have gone on vacation for a week to Colorado. If ever there was a week to come up and visit me, this would be it. Also, Jordy’s gone for the weekend, until either Sunday or Monday, and Adam’s at work. I’ve got the house to myself during the day for today and tomorrow. This is quite nice, in a way. Almost like living in my own place again, but not really at all.

I haven’t been online in a few days. Haven’t checked email or anything since maybe Tuesday or so. I feel so out of touch… and it looks like my email is currently down. Blasted.

I have plans for this week. Oh the plans that I have.

We’ve been biking just about every second day, which is great. Maybe I’m getting into better shape. Can’t tell yet.

The fireworks on Canada Day were postponed until July 2nd due to rain. We got poured on. The actual fireworks show was… uhm… less than impressive. It was no Toronto, and it was certainly no Ottawa. At some point I’d like to see them in Ottawa again.

Absolutely nothing of interest to say. How depressing. I guess I’ll clean my bedroom or something.