I saw cyn on muchmusic today by pure chance. It was cool. She was reviewing the new Charlie’s Angels movie. That is all.


Wild animal sightings in the past two weeks (Metro Toronto Zoo not included)

  • m00se: Four – three female adults, one calf* (three separate sightings)
  • Bear: One – black bear, lurking in rocks at the side of the road while I was driving by
  • Nighthawk: Two – flying over our heads when we were biking last night
  • Fox: One – running across the road on the drive home from work today
  • Mosquito: Too many to count. Numberous mosquitos squashed.
  • Beaver: One – swimming around near its dam

    * do they call m00se babies calves? I think they do…

    Anyhow… I worked today. Last night we went biking, which was lots of fun. I’m really tired out from working, though. Tonight, however, Blue Rodeo is playing at the high school in town. Hmm… looking back on that statement makes me giggle. Blue Rodeo tonight, which is sweet goodness. I don’t work again until next weekend probably. I think I’m going to do a lot of biking when Adam’s at work. At least it’ll keep me out of the house.

    Greetings JennyLee —
    Here is your horoscope for Saturday, June 28:
    You’re vital and friendly with an appetite for new things. Argument is futile once you’ve colored the scene with your personal touch. It’s easy for the victor to dispense justice.

    Eh? Say what?

  • Untitled

    I wonder if perogies and alfredo sauce would be good? I like perogies. I like alfredo sauce. I don’t see why not, really…

    I planted the Morning Glories and the Ivy plants today. Also weeded the back garden by the dog kennel, since it pretty much needed it badly. The front garden’s doing well, the Lily that we thought was never coming up actually poked its head out of the dirt today. We only planted it in mid-May or so…

    I’m desperately going to need hanging houseplants when I move back into an apartment. Plants are my friends. Hanging ones mainly because Dayle thinks plants are a light snack.

    We went to the electronics store last night to check out a sale they were having. I asked about two-way satellite internet, they said it’s still on its way. It’s been on its way since we moved here seven months ago. Much like the concept of people ever coming up to visit me here (not including Bacchanalia,) I’ll believe it when I see it.

    We just got the new Astronomer Magazine. It just reminds me how frightning a place Io really is. Definitely not getting a summer house there. Otherwise, the magazine’s all about Mars, what with the whole Mars being super-close to earth right now and stuff, and the Mars landers being launched by Nasa, and so on. Yeah, Mars is pretty neat… but no volcanoes.

    I must be hungry, I’m rambling.

    Friday something something

    What? When did Friday happen??

    1. How are you planning to spend the summer?
    Working, biking, canoeing, camping, hiking, taking lots of pictures, swimming, kayaking

    2. What was your first summer job?

    3. If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go?
    My own place at the end of every day.

    4. What was your worst vacation ever?
    Haven’t had that many… can’t think of any bad ones.

    5. What was your best vacation ever?
    Bacchanalia 2002


    Got back to Liskeard in the early evening yesterday. I was greeted at the door by a fresh pile of cat puke. I walked downstairs (and the house smelled awful I tell you) to look at the tv room in the basement, and found a huge ugly mess, torn papers everywhere, dirty dishes from last week lying around. Absolute filth. Then I walked into the downstairs bathroom and found a massive pile of wet, used towels. Because we’d been gone for a week, and the rest of Adam’s family gone since Saturday, I knew they’d been lying there a while. I’ve told Jordy a few times that leaving wet towels on the floor of the bathroom is a very bad idea – Dayle will pee on them. And so he did. The bathroom smelled revolting.

    Adam and I spent a couple of hours after the five and a half hour drive just cleaning up our living space. I seriously can’t wait until I’m only responsible for myself again.

    Dayle’s been needy since we got back. He’s lying on the desk in front of this monitor right now. It’s very sweet.

    It appears to be just as hot here as it was in Toronto, but there’s no smog warning. Supposedly going to thunderstorm this afternoon… I hope so.

    I got a mountaing bike – a Giant Rincon that’s silver and black. It’s really cool. Now I just have to learn how not to fall off it when riding down a trail… this having brakes thing is novel.

    belli rocks my world.

    The zoo is very very cool. We spent about seven hours there on Monday, and it was a whole lot of fun. I took many pictures. I’m officially out of film again.

    We also saw the Hulk on Sunday. I really liked it.

    Visiting Toronto made me miss it more. There’s so much going on there right now… And so much to do that’s free, or just the cost of transit. Meh.

    We had no internet from last thursday until today. Having highspeed for that one day was so good, and so painful… now back to regularly scheduled dialup.

    I should go plant the morning glories today.


    There are a few of us getting together tonight at Lion on the Beach (in the beaches) around 8pm tonight… open invite should anyone be free and in the neighbourhood, or willing to come out on the 501 streetcar to the beaches. Lion on the Beach is East of Woodbine and West of Wineva (South from Main Station) if you’re looking at subway routes…

    Just a thought.


    Wow. Highspeed Internet is kickass.

    We’re at belli‘s, because Ian’s place needed to be cleaned up before we could stay there. So very tired after the drive down here – five people in the car makes for a squished trip. It’s quite nice to see Belli again, I say. And it’s not just the wine talking…. *smirk*

    Anyhow. Laq, you haven’t emailed me. I will pester you more until you do.

    Uhm… Well anyhow, we got to Toronto okay. It’s humid here. Tomorrow we’re going to relax mostly, then probably hang in the beaches on a patio, because there’s nothing like a patio in the beaches in summer.

    We lost our paper phonebook. Yes, we sux0r.


    We leave in the morning for Toronto, we’ll be staying until next Wednesday. Sunday is a family event with Adam’s extended family (my family doesn’t do family events) but the rest of the time we’re going to be visiting people. I don’t know who’s going to be around though, and my phonebook has completely dead batteries, which means I have hardly anyone’s numbers anymore. I’ll do my best, but if you want to get in touch with me and don’t think I’ve got your number (i.e. you haven’t given it to me in the past couple of weeks and/or I don’t have it memorized) then send me an email (me @ fneucam.com)

    I’m bringing my guitar, by request of one belli.

    Wednesday night we’re meeting up with the Weirmier at his favourite pub, the Madison. On either Monday or Tuesday we’re going to the Metro Toronto Zoo, because I can’t remember ever going (although my mom tells me that I have been there…) Otherwise we’re hopefully going to be able to find people and get together with them.

    Oh, Laquira, I don’t have your phone number… it’s in the dead organizer. Stupid lithium batteries…. Email me or something, k? I must get that CD to Mikeypoo, and very much want to see you.

    My sound card is failing. Every second boot I have to reinstall the drivers just to make it work. My stereo is also drawing final breaths, which is somewhat annoying, but not nearly as frustrating as the neverending Jerry Springer-esque issues my computer keeps having. Poor Frankenputer monster.

    Anyhow. I hope I’m not forgetting to bring anything. Almost always forget to pack something…