Of that list…

This is where I’m at:

  • Laundry
  • Put dishes away
  • Clean kitchen (did this last night after dinner, but it’s messy again)
  • Throw all clothes piled on the hot tub into a garbage bag (Jordy’s stuff… it’s been there a month now, I’m tired of looking at it.)
  • Plant morning glory seedlings in ground
  • Scan negatives of the skidoo trip to the cottage, transfer picstures to upstairs computer and email to Vachel
  • Finish accounting info for Dr. Silver.
  • Shower
  • Make & eat lunch
  • Memorize some more Blue Rodeo songs on guitar. They’re the only ones I have books for.
  • Try and find the cordless phone that goes in our bedroom. It’s been missing since we got back Wednesday.
  • Find new reasons to be happy. Not that the old ones aren’t good, but it’d be nice to think up some new ones. Some specific, non-vague reasons would be nice… reasons that have to do with right now, rather than ‘in a few months’ or ‘in a year or two.’
  • Come up with a project to waste 36 black & white pictures on, as the only film I have is a roll of black & white 36. My usual nature photography stuff won’t cut it, since I’m not ansel adams and I don’t know his technique of exposure that makes nature b&w pictures look intense. My b&w nature pics never satisfy me… I like colour for that.
  • Do aforementioned project of 36 b&w pictures.

    That’s most of the easy stuff done. I think the cordless phone may be a hopeless cause. I’m going to start the accounting stuff now, and continue lurking.

    I had soup for lunch. I’m still starving. This is why I generally don’t have soup for lunch. How do people make meals of that stuff, anyway?


    • stonedragon

      May 30, 2003 at 12:31 pm

      Here’s something to be happy for 🙂

      You have me on your friends list.

      You’re welcome 😉

      Good luck on finishing the list!


    • mishamish

      May 30, 2003 at 10:42 pm

      Reasons to be HAPPY?! OH, EASY! Here’s just a few off the top of my head.

      1) You’re not dead. Or in a box. Watch or read “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” if you don’t get the reference and that’ll make you happy, too. Or atleast amused.

      2) Your recent experiences have put you in a unique philosophical position to fully appreciate the line “You are not your job… you are not the contents of your wallet…”

      3) Warm sunlight and water.

      4) You woke up this morning and YET AGAIN, the trees were still that REALLY mellow shade of green. How lucky are YOU!?

      5) There are people around you to have stimulating conversation with. If this isn’t true, then there are people around for you to make fun of and laugh at. If THIS isn’t true, then you are alone and don’t have to put up with aforementioned morons you otherwise would have had to make fun of and laugh at. Win-win-win!

      6) Internet connectivity… FEEL THE POWER!

      7) You’re still not dead. Or in a box.

      See! There ya go!