Mostly directed at people in Toronto (city, not channel):

Undernet #toronto has never changed. It just got bigger and more annoying. I guess I changed.

Ahh well, I only went in to see if I could find anyone I knew and ask them to direct me towards possible job opportunities in Toronto. No one helpful there. I’ve emailed a bunch of people today asking about any suggestions or leads they might have for work. Nothing yet, but I’m trying. Must quit complaining about being here and actually do something about it, and since finding work here seems to be virtually impossible, I may as well find work where I’ll be close to people I care for.

Anyhow. I want a job. Retail, waitressing, admin/secretarial. Whatever. Places I’d love to work include Black’s photography, MotoPhoto, Cafe-style bars, Henry’s, Second Cup, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and any kind of retail store or coffee shop in the Beaches. If you know of any, please tell me about it. I will also take a job basically anywhere that they’d hire me, as long as the people are good to work with – the aforementioned stores are just preferences, not limitations.

My experience includes about 6 years of retail in various places: luggage sales, shoe sales, musical instrument sales, computer sales, pizza places, and a bakery. My photography experience includes lots of photoshop, black & white developing, and I’ve had one photo published in an arts newspaper in Scarborough, as well as a photo in an art show in Cobalt, Ontario. I have a lot of admin/reception/computer data entry experience too.