Dream fragments

I dreamed I got up one morning and went to downtown toronto (I was living in the city.) From there I got a train ticket (bought from change I had saved up) for Vancouver. I waited at the station for the train to arrive, and hopped on when it pulled in. It was an odd train, only one car with built-in engine.

I sat on the train for about an hour before I decided to call Adam and let him know I was going to Vancouver. It wasn’t til then that I felt bad about it – it wasn’t like I had planned on going to Vancouver that day, I’d just up and vanished. I pulled out my cellphone and phoned our apartment. A stranger picked up the phone and told me that Adam had gone out and he was really pissed off at me. When I asked who the stranger was, he said he was there to fix the ZR-76 (adam’s keyboard) which was spewing smoke and sparks all over the place.

I sat on the train some more, looking out the window a lot and feeling really bad. When I woke up, I still felt pretty bad. I’ll have to remember if I get a train ticket to go to Vancouver I should really let Adam know beforehand… And I REALLY hope the keyboard doesn’t explode. that would be very very bad.