That’s enough Excel for today. I figured it out eventually, at least, and I’ve done what I could with the information I have. All is now well.

Last night I dreamed that I entered a ten-day ‘write a novel’ contest. Naturally, cyn had also entered. I don’t remember much else about it, though. I think it was day three when I woke up.

Nothing much else going on. Hopefully we’ll go out somewhere this afternoon and enjoy the weather. For now, I’ve got some stuff to work on for Adam’s dad.


Me and excel aren’t getting along so well today. My math blind spot comes into play a lot when I’m attempting to design a formula. As in, I can’t seem to get it at all. Go me. And Microcrap help assistant annoys the hell out of me, and can’t help anyway.


I keep bashing into things and hurting myself. It sucks. I’m trying to be in a reasonably good mood today, it being Adam’s mom’s birthday and all. don’t really feel like being in a good mood, but hey. I’ll keep trying.

Just now burned myself on Kraft Dinner boiling water. Am thoroughly unimpressed.

I should go back to bed.


Yikes. Well, that trip to Toronto was busy in a very odd way. We arrived around 2:30 am Friday (Saturday morning, technically) and sat around chatting til 4:30 before sleeping. Then we got up and had to go from Pape station east of downtown up to the farthest reaches of the city, Bathurst and Steeles, to visit with Adam’s Bubby (grandmother) for the afternoon. We had expected to leave there around 6:30 or so and then try to make arrangements to see people, but we ended up not getting a lift back to the subway until after 10pm, which meant we didn’t get back downtown til 11:30, at which point we were too exhausted to actually do anything, having gotten no sleep the night before. Sunday we took transit out to Jordy’s place (Lakeshore and Islington middle of nowhere) and helped pack up the car, truck and trailer with his stuff to move back up north. That took all day, followed by the five and a half hour drive back up to Liskeard. Ian unfortunately had no internet (we were staying at his place) so I couldn’t get online while I was there.

At any rate, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to see people. Ya’ll have to come up here and see me. 😉 We will be heading back down in June for the unveiling of Adam’s Zaidy’s (grandfather’s) stone. I don’t know what the schedule will be like for that, though.

It’s finally warm today. Maybe now the ice will break up on the lakes. That would be nice. I was raking the back lawn for a while, til I got really tired. I get the feeling that Adam’s family generally aren’t lawn people. They looked at me like I was crazy. Now if only I had the money to actually start a garden or two…


We won’t be getting into Toronto until extremely late tonight so we won’t be doing anything social this evening. Maybe tomorrow. Will see what happens.


I’m starting to realize that I don’t actually want a real (i.e. office-type) job when I go back to Toronto. I’m starting to realize that I’d really rather just work at a photo developing store or a coffee shop or cafe or something like that. I think that would make me a bit happier than a desk job right now, and it would make it easier for me to do school on the side too.

Now all I have to do is find a cafe or photo shop job for late summer/early fall and I’m set. Except that every photo shop job I’ve applied for says I’m overqualified. Stupid catch-22.


Dreamed someone gave Adam & I a lovely huge hardwood floor apartment in downtown Toronto. It had one window that was about ten feet wide, floor to ceiling, and a single massive pane of glass. The view was of old warehouses, but still oddly pretty.

Then we went on a pilgrimage to every comic book store in Toronto. I don’t know why, we were with someone else who had to go there. At the first one, I ran into suraklin, Highlearn and linguafranca just sitting around. Tell me, people, why were you all just sitting around a comic book store??

I was very surprised in my dream that Adam’s brother Shawn wasn’t there. I asked the store owner and he told me Shawn would be by later.

There was a lot more to it, but I’ve already forgotten. We stayed up until about 5:30am playing this one NWN module – that’s two nights in a row we played a single module. Pretty well made to keep us entertained for that long.

Oh yeah, it looks like we’ll be going to Toronto for the weekend to pick up Jordy and bring him back. I don’t know what our plans will be, though, because it’s a trip with Adam’s mom so we’re not going to be in charge of anything. I’ll let people know when things are figured out better.


Vachel is moving back to London on Friday. A bit earlier than expected, so we’re playing Neverwinter Nights campaigns back to back for about 8 hours a day until he goes. Yes, we’re sad, pathetic beasts, and we love every second of it. At least I got my computer to install and run Neverwinter again, so it’s all good.

They’re waiting for me downstairs. I must go.


I pointed the cam out the window at the snow. SNOW!

Yes, I feel pretty indignant about it.

Dream fragments

I dreamed I got up one morning and went to downtown toronto (I was living in the city.) From there I got a train ticket (bought from change I had saved up) for Vancouver. I waited at the station for the train to arrive, and hopped on when it pulled in. It was an odd train, only one car with built-in engine.

I sat on the train for about an hour before I decided to call Adam and let him know I was going to Vancouver. It wasn’t til then that I felt bad about it – it wasn’t like I had planned on going to Vancouver that day, I’d just up and vanished. I pulled out my cellphone and phoned our apartment. A stranger picked up the phone and told me that Adam had gone out and he was really pissed off at me. When I asked who the stranger was, he said he was there to fix the ZR-76 (adam’s keyboard) which was spewing smoke and sparks all over the place.

I sat on the train some more, looking out the window a lot and feeling really bad. When I woke up, I still felt pretty bad. I’ll have to remember if I get a train ticket to go to Vancouver I should really let Adam know beforehand… And I REALLY hope the keyboard doesn’t explode. that would be very very bad.