Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Sunday, March 23:
Your active mind keeps you from vegetating. You’d rather use a social event for talking shop than for getting stupid. Set a strong example for young people eager to learn something.

Yadda yadda yadda. I’m bored and my mind is vegetating. Must get out to Toronto sometime soon. Wishing I had something I could sell yet again, so that I could finance a trip there. Bleh. Oh, and my computer is still dying slowly… sometimes it won’t boot, sometimes it boots and reboots and reboots and reboots, sometimes it gives me the Windows XP bluescreen of DOOM (I say doom because it has a lot more to say than the bluescreen of death used to, but it still says absolutely nothing useful.

It’s been springlike weather here the past few days. I’m half expecting it to get cold again, which it may well do at any given moment, but for now I’m enjoying it. It’s nice not having to wear the parka. I’ve started thinking about having a garden… don’t know if I’m that ambitious, but it might keep me entertained. Oh wait, I don’t have the money to start a garden… never mind then. I guess I could toss my package of wildflower seeds in the back yard somewhere and pretend it’s a garden. Ah well, don’t even know if I’ll be here all summer or not, so it doesn’t make sense to start something that will fall apart when I leave.

In a strange mood today. Feeling kind of quiet and not quite sad for no apparent reason. I think it’s a cross between apathy and actually having nothing to do. Maybe not entirely true, I could find things to do, like put pictures in some albums, or practice guitar, or organze the boxes in the trailer so that Jordy has somewhere to sleep when he comes back up. It occurs to me that people who came up could potentially sleep out in the trailer should they be allergic to animals or didn’t want to sleep on a couch in the house… didn’t think of that before. I’d have to completely re-sort the boxes stored out there, but it could work.