Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Thursday, March 20:
Give what you can, and get plenty in return. You neutralize everyone’s ambition and hostility. Libra offers a fresh start to people that have forgotten to feel good about themselves.

Uhh… okay then. Considering how little social interaction I’ve had today, that’s pretty unlikely, but you go kelli!

I noticed a few days ago that the same horoscope comes up on the community station as the one I get in my email. Lazy asses.

My research has brought me to the point of realization that the only way I can go back to school is to raise the money myself. I don’t qualify for the government loans and I likely couldn’t get a bank loan either (not that I really want one, loans being sucky things to have anyway.) I also haven’t found any grants that I qualify for. So I need to find some sort of job that will help me make enough money to go back to school and be able to live. Options are limited. It’s very frustrating.