Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Friday, March 7:
Libra approaches the line between gracious and greedy. The giver of your gift may not realize that you already have enough. Associates get to know you better by seeing how you handle an embarrassing situation.

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, March 8:
Independent adults shouldn’t wait for someone else to set their limits. Think of this as maintaining stability instead of earning points. Absorb a one-time challenge as a regular part of your routine.

It occurs to me that, with Adam’s parents both at the cottage until next thursday, we could effectively drive the car to Toronto for a visit until they got back – we wouldn’t be taking away one of their vehicles since they wouldn’t be using it at all. The problem with this idea is that we have no gas money, and being stranded in Gravenhurst wouldn’t be the best plan in the world.

Oh well. One can wish.