I went out with the car last night and drove west until I hit the town of Elk Lake. It was dark by then, being about a 45 minute drive. Nice road out there though, I’ve never been that way before.

Elk Lake was a pretty bland sort of place… It had a tavern, a corner store and a Liquor Store, and it was built at a place where the Montreal river meets up with a smaller river, so the only other distinguishing feature is the two bridges over each river. Otherwise, there’s virtually nothing memorable about the place. Not that I stopped to get out of the car or anything, I just turned around in the LCBO parking lot and drove back to New Liskeard. I pulled off the main road for a bit onto a gravel side road so I could get a clear dark view of the stars… it was chilly, but still lovely. I think I was out driving for about an hour and 45 minutes or so… It was nice, and I played one of my mix tapes as loud as I could stand.

I am checking Toronto’s news for information about SARS. At this point, our trip is still planned for this Wednesday til next Tuesday (with a brief jaunt to London for apartment-hunting purposes for Vachel.) So yeah… if you’re in Toronto and want to see me or Adam over the next week, send me an email and we’ll figure something out.

I love road trips.


My mom is selling this camera on ebay. I played with it a bit when I saw her back in December of 2001, it’s pretty nice.

I might go out driving this evening before the sun goes down. Adam and Vachel are just going to keep playing C&C, His dinner is getting cold. Adam’s parents are out to dinner somewhere, and I’m just hanging out with the cats and dogs, who spend most of their time sleeping.

Running out of time til sunset. must be off.


Ketzel passed away this morning. Not much to be said about it, she was old and sick and it’s for the best that she didn’t suffer for a long time or anything.

I finally got most of the soap scum off the downstairs shower. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was really starting to annoy me. Had to go out and get some Vim to do it…

I’m planning the garden stuff now. It’s still way too cold to start anything, but I want to have flowers in the front yard and vegetables out beside the house. Maybe I’ll convince them to let me put a little do-it-yourself flower pond out there too, sort of like the one my mom has in Vancouver, but probably without the goldfish.

And now a series of unrelated statements. I haven’t had a cup of tea yet today. I feel blasphemous. Scrunt is once again in my lap drooling and shedding on me. We just picked up Vachel who is going to play command and conquer once again tonight against Adam.

Must go make tea now. Need tea. Ugh.


I finally get a chance to borrow the car for almost a week and drive down to Toronto to visit people, and they tell me it’s probably a bad idea because of the SARS thing. Oh how my timing is splendiferous.

Computer’s quite dead. I put the old motherboard back into it, and Windoze XP won’t even consider talking to it. I could reformat and reinstall ME, but ME refused to connect to the LAN, and one of the only things I use the computer for right now is Neverwinter Nights on LAN. The other is working on/scanning my photos, generally for the purpose of uploading them, which I can’t do anyway since we can’t get the computers downstairs online without highspeed, which isn’t available here.

Apparently I still don’t have quite enough character yet. If this is meant to teach me patience, it’s not working very well.

Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure the collection agencies are calling me up here now. I can have no reaction to this that isn’t negative or sarcastic, so I may as well stfu about it now.

It’s okay though. Scrunt will sit on my lap and drool on me which will make everything better.


Ketzel’s pretty much the same as two days ago. It’s not likely she’ll get any better, but she’s getting a chance to pull out of it anyhow. Poor girl. It reminds me a little of when my grandfather was dying… the last time I remember seeing him, he was all yellow-skinned and weak, for basically the same reasons.

It’s turned a bit cold again. I was just getting used to the warming up spring feeling, and now it’s snowing again. Most of the snow from the winter is gone now, and this flurry probably won’t pile up and stay more than a day or two if that.

Adam’s downstairs trying out a Command & Conquer strategy he hopes to use on Vachel later. I was watching TV, but I got tired of watching Just shoot me episodes one after the other, and there’s pretty much nothing else on. I also woke up with yesterday’s headache still lurking, it’s being quite annoying.

I think I may go out to the trailer and search for the box with my old motherboard in it. That’ll be… uh… something. And maybe I’ll take Dayle out in his pink halter on a leash again. He’ll love it… 😉


Not sure who was worried about me. Thanks though.

I have a headache like you wouldn’t believe. Today has been stressful. My computer downstairs is pretty much fuxx0red, according the the message in CMOS when it turns on. Even if I change any of the settings it refers to, the computer still doesn’t boot up any further than just before the windows load screen, at which point it shuts off and tries to boot again. I’ll show it boot. *thwooomp* My options at this point are bury the computer in the back yard (satisfying, but doesn’t take into account the fact that much of the hardware still works and I need the information on the hard drives) or put my old mobo back in. I’d have to find it, it’s in a box in the trailer under who knows what. That also means that I go back to my TNT video card, since the GF2 Vachel gave me won’t work on my old motherboard.

This leads directly to choppy Neverwinter Nights, but it’s infinitely better than no Neverwinter Nights at all. Hey Highlearn, want that busted mobo & chip back?

By the way, does anyone know who I lent my copy of The Sims to? I can’t find it, and I think I may have let someone borrow it, but I have no idea who that might be, or even if I did. I was going to reinstall the Sims the other day, but couldn’t find the cd. I’m sure it’ll turn up sometime.

I finally get a chance to be on IRC, and there’s no one around. Heh.


Keep in mind that my journal is a reflection of a moment. I’m not necessarily perpetually miserable up here. I just get bored and lonely, and when I’m bored I write in my lj, and when I’m lonely I vent.

Yes, I do get frustrated and have no idea what do to with myself a good part of the time. Yes, I am very sick of having to depend on my boyfriend’s parents for food, clothing, and shelter when I’m 26 years old. But I do actually have nice good days where I’m happy. And I even mention them in here, but they don’t sound as exciting as my unhappiness, so they seem to get overlooked or something.

I think I’ll go make lunch.


My computer’s not doing so well. I’m leaving it alone for a while to see what happens. Tonight when it didn’t boot, (Black screen of death this time) I tried rebooting it and it went directly into CMOS. Quite obviously a motherboard problem. I may have to see if I can find my old motherboard (it’s packed somewhere with most of the rest of my belongings) and put that back in. I’m getting really tired of taking my computer apart and piecing it back together… But whatever needs to be done, I guess. Back to choppy Neverwinterland. Assuming I can find the motherboard, and assuming it still works fine.

My mom sent me Rockports – two pair of Rockport running shoes. They don’t fit her properly, and they’re slightly used, but they fit me perfectly and I love them very much.

No change in Ketzel. I’ll go by and see her tomorrow. She’s jaundiced… her mouth and the inside of her ears are all yellow. I’m just hoping she’s not uncomfortable or anything. She was sleeping when I saw her last, but then, she’s been sleeping when I’ve seen her for the last month and a half.

I suddenly want to see the pictures I took on the skidoo trip.

Ketzel Update

So Ketzel’s not doing so well. She’s at the clinic right now, she may have liver failure, which means the best she can hope for is maybe a few months, and quite likely less than that. It’s sad, but it’s not really unexpected, for me. Even over the past few months I’ve seen that she’s not exactly the healthiest cat out there, and she’s definitely looking and feeling old.

We were over at the clinic today checking out the future boarding kennel building. We went into the clinic, and there was smoke in the operating room. The Veterinary Assistant called the fire department, and we looked around to figure out what was going. Just as the three fire trucks and huge brigade of volunteer fire fighters arrived, we found the culprit – a charger for a cordless drill was plugged in and had burnt out and melted. Hooray for excitement for the day. The last thing you want is a fire in a room with pure oxygen tanks in it…

I took Dayle outside on a leash. He spent most of the time outside trying to roll or slink out of the harness. I think I might be able to get him used to it, but I don’t know if it will help with his insanity. I hope so.

Now I must go eat dinner.


The government phoned me the other day. I forgot to call them back, must do so today.

I think they took Ketzel over to the clinic. I hadn’t seen her for a few days, and when Tyna found her, she was curled up under a desk and probably hadn’t moved in a while. She’s old. We shall see what happens. We’re having a meeting later today with Adam’s dad about the boarding kennel. We may be responsible for it over the summer, assuming we’re here. Must find out exactly what that entails.

It appears that two-way satellite may never be an option up here. They don’t seem to be particularly interested in offering it, those companies that an. Our best bet for highspeed is to wait for them to upgrade the phone lines on this highway. That could happen next month, or three years from now.

Vachel moves back to London for school at the end of April. That’ll throw off our whole routine of get up, go pick up Vachel, run around town for no apparent reason, come back home and play multiplayer computer games in the basement until it’s time to send Vachel home or to work in the middle of the night. We watched a show called Trading Places the other day, where two couples trade lives for a few days, and thought about how if someone traded with our lives they’d probably love the vacation. I can appreciate the time we have right now to do nothing at all, but I never did enjoy doing nothing at all. Adam’s handling it better than I am. Vachel’s getting kind of bored and tired of it now too, but he’s got school to look forward to, and it’ll come faster than we think.

I guess they’re planning another coffee house/art opening at the Cafe. I haven’t heard anything about it from the organizer, though. I never seem to get her emails, so I never know what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s because my email isn’t allowing it through, or because her email isn’t sending properly.

I’m just rambling to fill space now. I tried to write the other day… actually write, you know, something with content and creativity. Blank page syndrome. Wahoo.