Tonight’s show at the theatre was a modern dance troupe, the Danny Grossman Dance Company. It was a really impressive show. Modern dance always somehow manages to impress me, which is odd since I’m not really into dance most of the time. I’ve never been quite so emotionally moved by dance before in my rather limited experience with it. It’s sad that only about 50 people were out to see the group perform… I don’t think there was sufficient promotion for it or something.

We also helped strike the set after the show. Gotta love community theatre… two hours of gruntwork and they didn’t even have any water for us! wahoo! Oh well, at least I got my cardio up for that two hours. But now I’m horrifically tired.

I had told a friend of ours that we would drop by her place after the show, and we did, but she wasn’t there. Her dogs barked at us a lot… but there was now answer at her door. Probably for the best, since I think Adam and I are both too tired for socialness anyhow.