Today we head to the cottage on lake temagami by skidoo. Supposedly it’ll take about three hours, and we have to actually cross the lake on the skidoos to get there. It should be lots of fun. yesterday we took the skidoos out to make sure they could handle the longer trip… it was also great fun. When you’re on a lake you can drive very very fast. I used the Formula machine and was going about 160 or more for a while there on the straight stretch. Wahoo!


Maybe I’m too negative-minded, or maybe I’m just in a slump or something. I know that I miss having a kitchen of my own. I wish I had the money to head to Toronto at least for a visit.

I’ve been looking at Ryerson’s program and the cost and student loan info and bursaries. God I feel poor and hopeless. I’m in that sort of mood where I can’t be cheered up. I wish I could fly.


I’m almost always surrounded by cats in this house. Right now it’s just Scrunt and Twig, as far as I can tell. The two of them argue over my lap when I sit at the table or the upstairs computer. Ketzel follows me around all over the basement, waiting for me to sit down so she can try to assault my neck. Dayle and Sera come in the bedroom every morning just when we’re waking up to greet us and spend quality time together, and they pester us every time we sit at our computers downstairs. Macbeth has all-out conversations with me, and last week he and I played a strange ‘now you see me now you don’t’ game. Cats are fun.

There are things I should be doing other than getting my netfix in. They say that by next month we’ll have two-way satellite available, which means I should be able to get my computer online by then… assuming it survives that long. I’ve hooked up the scanner to Adam’s computer, since mine refuses the symbiosis. There is now only one purpose for my computer’s continued existance: NeverWinter Nights. Its other two reasons for living were the net and photography. Maybe the computer is dying because of a lack of purpose in its life….

Maybe I’m humanizing my machine just a little too much.

Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Monday, February 24:
As long as you have quality, you don’t need much in the way of quantity. Bargain hunters strike it rich on deals that others overlook. Share what you learn at the end of the day.

I’m moodybored today. It’s not that I don’t have things to do, it’s just that I don’t feel like doing any of them. I think what I’m going to have to do is force myself into something before I go psychotic and break things. Stupid moodiness. I’ve had a very clumsy day thus far.

We’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights with Vachel on LAN a lot lately. Mostly just playing downloaded modules, which are turning out to be a lot of fun. Vachel hates the Catapults game (characters just shoot fireballs from catapults at each other) but I rock at it. It’s nice to be good at something. I’m not going to get into any multiplayer RTS stuff… I seem to react to it the same way I do chess games, and that’s just not good.

Macbeth is playing the piano right now. He’s really an amazing cat… all the other cats like him (including Dayle, which is surprising,) and he just sort of waltzes through everything like some sort of buddhist. He has some piano talent, too.

The big question on my mind right now is how do I get from here to there? I don’t think it’ll be this year, barring some sort of windfall. But I really have to figure such things out.


I miss people. I miss coffee at timmie’s at 2am. I miss the Bean. I miss sushi and thai and mexican food. I miss Antoinete’s. I even miss that starbucks with the fireplace and the many many women with young children that Ian and I used to go to in the middle of the day.

Yes, it wouldbe nice to go home now… But I just can’t yet.


The power was out today for about five hours. This makes for a very cold house. It just came back on about ten minutes ago. It’s also very windy and loud out today, and looks quite cold.

There are a couple of things I need to get done today…. looks like I’ll be hooking up my scanner to Adam’s computer, since mine refuses to install the drivers. Crapass thing.


Now that my picture’s framed and matted and named, I need to write myself a bio.


One more thing about the dance troupe…

Should any of my friends back in Toronto be interested in seeing the troupe I saw tonight (they really were impressive enough for me to recommend them,) then here’s their next couple of shows upcoming in TO.

25th Anniversary Gala
March 4, 2003 7:30pm
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto
Tickets: $50
Call 416-408-4543

Toronto Spring Season
March 5 – 9, 2003 8pm
Dreams and Darkness
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Tickets: $18 – $25
Box office: 416-975-8555


Tonight’s show at the theatre was a modern dance troupe, the Danny Grossman Dance Company. It was a really impressive show. Modern dance always somehow manages to impress me, which is odd since I’m not really into dance most of the time. I’ve never been quite so emotionally moved by dance before in my rather limited experience with it. It’s sad that only about 50 people were out to see the group perform… I don’t think there was sufficient promotion for it or something.

We also helped strike the set after the show. Gotta love community theatre… two hours of gruntwork and they didn’t even have any water for us! wahoo! Oh well, at least I got my cardio up for that two hours. But now I’m horrifically tired.

I had told a friend of ours that we would drop by her place after the show, and we did, but she wasn’t there. Her dogs barked at us a lot… but there was now answer at her door. Probably for the best, since I think Adam and I are both too tired for socialness anyhow.