No, I haven’t yet forgotten

I still have bios to write.

Scrunt – the Droolmeister

Scrunt, a derivative of Scrawny Runt, would be the world’s cuddliest, fluffiest cat of all time except for one small problem. She drools. And it’s not that she just drools, but the amount of liquid pouring from her mouth is enough to be the headwater for the St. Lawrence River. Her fur is long and luxuriant, softer than an angora sweater and beautifully coloured. The true epitome of a lap cat, if she can’t be in a lap she lies curled up on the office chair in the computer room. There is no purpose to her life but comfort, she has no ulterior motives and there is not even a hint of plans for world domination brewing in her mind. If ever there was a princess in the house, it would be Scrunt. Prim and proper, she lives for luxury and ignores the rest of the animals. You might think she great thoughts behind her huge, beautiful eyes, but the effect is ruined by the constant stream of drool dripping down across the front of her soft fur.

Or maybe she’s just hiding something very, very well…