Cobalt was a silver town, among the largest cities in Canada once upon a time. I’m told it had many many silver mines. You can still see the marks the mines have left on the town, scars that go so deeply into rock that you can’t see the end of them, and old deserted mineshafts a mile deep. It’s a harsh sort of beauty, and sometimes I can’t help thinking that this is a place where man once tore apart the earth and ripped out the most beautiful parts they could find.

It’s a quiet town now, the mines are closed and the population that once was long gone. The scars are still there, but the people, the industry, the economic hub is gone. The scars will probably be there long after the people have completely abandoned the place. It’s almost surreal to look at.

I have to go back on a clear day and take some pictures.


My hair is now purple and blonde-red and blue. I love it.

Things have been busy, which is strange, really. I wasn’t this busy in Toronto most of the time. Not sure how it happened here, but here I am, doing things and going places. It’s a little disconcerting at times, but I guess I should get used to it or something.

I was told last night that Second Cup is a company from the states, so now I’m looking it up. Apparently the first store was in Toronto in 1975. Now they’re affiliated with Air Canada, and they’ve joined the Cara Food company, which is apparently Canada’s largest integrated restaurant company, founded in 1883. I have yet to find a link to the United States of America. Oh well, doesn’t really matter anyhow.


The RIAA Chairperson is stepping down… I love this article that Shift.com put up about her.

There are no lj users in Cobalt, Haileybury, or Dymond, as well as New Liskeard.


Since I’ve been up here in the great white north, I have learned how to swim (properly, not the instinctive swim style I had previously taught myself) and we’ve been doing laps in a pool every two days or so. Swimming is so nice.

We saw Atanaranjuat the Fast Runner last night. I quite enjoyed it. The people who run the theatre got up and thanked everyone who came out on such a cold night, because they knew they were taking a chance even running a film festival series. If it continues to go well, they’ll keep bringing the more obscure films up here once or twice a month. They have Ararat and Bowling for Columbine and Rabbit-Proof fence lined up in the next couple of months. They charge more for the film festival movies than for regular movies (oooh… 7$ instead of $3.75! There are some beneifits to small towns, you know… no more of this paying 13.00 for a movie on a regular movie night.)

I dropped off a note to the local paper asking if I can shadow a journalist for a bit. We shall see how that goes, but it sounded pretty promising.

Starchoice is supposed to be getting two-way satellite in the next little while. I’ll be watching that pretty closely, I imagine once it’s available we’ll be hooking up to that. Anything to avoid being with Bell Sympatico in any of its forms. I really miss the connection of having my computer online all the time so people can leave me messages… I miss that strange online community feeling I’ve been without for the past month. I miss my friends. Wow. A month now without highspeed internet, and I haven’t killed anyone. I got close yesterday when the status of my unworking computer had me going ballistic, but there were no casualties.

I still can’t believe I’m the only lj user in New Liskeard. I’ll have to try Haileybury and Cobalt next.


For kicks, I’ve just looked up other lj users in New Liskeard.

I am the only one.

I think I should start a New Liskeard lj users community!


It’s one of those days (few days?) where nothing’s going quite right.

I could use a new computer now. Hopefully someone with knowledge will show up and magically fix it for me. I am sad.

Oh, and we can’t get any sort of highspeed… dsl is right out and completely unavailable, and satellite in the area is only one-way, so only one computer would still be online – and it wouldn’t be mine, as I have no modem.

Too bad I can’t hook myself up with a T1…


It’s official. My computer needs professional help. It’s definitely beyond my abilities to repair.


And just for kicks, my computer’s C drive is corrupt… or windows thinks it is. And windows explorer is really messed up. And I can’t upgrade because of hardware problems. And I just reformatted about four weeks ago.

All this because we tried to get my computer and Adam’s computer to see each other on the network.

Hatred of machines… rising…