Oh and one more thing…

Chestnut, the old dog at Adam’s parents house, passed away last night. He was old. Apparently he woke up in the middle of the night, demanded to be let outside, walked outside and just died. A very Chestnut thing to do.

In his honour, a photo from last January:


Working on my photographic year in review when I came to a slight problem. I have pictures for January through September, but after September I haven’t had any of my films developed – so I have no pictures for October, November or December. Mildly annoying.

We went out tonight for a couple of drinks and chat with friends. It was fun. Would like to do that sort of stuff more often in the new year.

Also want to get back into yoga, but we’re trying to save money, so I don’t think that’s going to work out for now.

Tomorrow is a double day, followed by another double day on New Year’s Eve. New Years Day I get off, however, and then work returns to a normal 8-shows over 6 days a week schedule. Or something.

Sleeping in, and Dayle is a jerk

Adam and I slept til 2pm today (minus a bit in there where Dayle whined at our door until we fed him just to make him shut up) to make up for the lack of sleep over the two double days we just worked. Yay, sleep!

Dayle broke the garbage can (a nice Umbra can, so pretty) the other day. Sometimes that cat makes me very angry. This week is one of those times. My poor headless gelfling…

Thinking about my year. May have to put something together for that when I get a chance. possibly today if I’m ambitious. Just because I can…


Dayle has already managed to knock over my Kira doll and break her. My cats are the best. really. I think we can glue her back together… her head fell off. If I glue it back on, it won’t be movable, but that’s not that big a deal. I’ll have to pick up some sort of glue for it. I wonder which kind?

We went for brunch with suraklin at the Sunset Grill. I’m still pretty groggy, though. Must wake up before I head out for work today.

Dayle has now claimed part of the box Kira came in. He’s too big for it, but he’s not giving it up. Silly Kitty.


Yay Christmas!

They seemed to like their stockings. At least, they were pretty surprised, which was good.

My turkey was superyummy. And it wasn’t even a butterball this time. My garlic roasted potatoes made me very happy. My cookies were chewy and addictive. My pie was pieful. I am a fantastic cook. And modest, too!

Everyone seemed happy with the gifts we got them, which was good. Adam was happy with his – I was a bit worried about it, since I knew it was something he would never expect to get, but it turned out well.

I got a 12″ Kira from the Dark Crystal, which is really nice and detailed and such. Her hair is yellowish-green and she comes with fizgig – whose mouth, disappointingly, doesn’t open. I also got a subscription to Popular Photography & Imaging, which is good… I like that magazine.

Shawn brought over a PS2 Karaoke game – Karaoke Revolution, I think it’s called. It was strange. I still like normal karaoke better… this whole ‘no personalizing a song’ thing bugs me.

I’m happy with the day. Things went well, the food was good, people were happy. I was kinda glad in a way to see everyone leave… such a loud family, it’s hard for me to be used to it. The quiet when they all headed out was soothing. But still, it was great to have everyone here.

Christmas baking and joy

Merry HOHO and stuff.

I’ve finished all my Christmas Baking except for the last touches on the pie. I totally forgot my electric mixer is still up north. I’m going to need a whisk or something to finish the pie. Maybe the hasty market will be open tomorrow, and maybe they carry whisks? Here’s hoping…

The cookies, however, turned out great. I apparently picked up raspberry chocolate chips instead of normal chocolate chips without realizing it. The raspberry is really nice, though.

Got the last of the Christmas Shopping done today at the last minute. It was fun. No, I’m actually serious, I had fun. Perhaps I’m crazy.

Mmmm. Turkey…

Thanks for the cards, diyeana and ashkitty… Yay! cards to hang on my wall!

Hmm. I’m one of those annoying people who loves Christmas. Sometimes I can’t wait to have kids…


Apparently the images on Ian’s computer now refuse to load. Also, his keyboard is sticky and annoying.

I would like to thank HighLearn for his lovely gift to me. I will attempt to use it wisely. 😉

I would also like to thank Dayle for no peeing on anything this week. That I am aware of.


Gah. So much to do. Haven’t even picked up the turkey & stuff yet. Must take care of that tomorrow, along with ten thousand other things, plus going to see the movie finally. FINALLY. *sigh*